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Stallion vs Mark Muscle - Mat Rats 121

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

A contract dispute sparks a brutal 550LBS CLASH of the heavyweights! Refusing to sign his wrestling contract, Mark Muscle flexes and begins disrespecting Stallion. "You're either gonna sign the nice way, or I'm gonna make you!" threatens Stallion. Pushed to his breaking point, Stallion SMASHES the metal clipboard into Mark Muscle's skull nearly knocking him out and decides to teach him a lesson in respect! Dazed, Mark Muscle is dragged to his knees by his hair as Stallion locks in a sleeper SQUEEZING the air from his lungs before dropping Mark Muscle on his face. Stallion flexes in victory until a surprise low blow has Mark Muscle retaliating with a sleeper of his own. Back on their feet, the giants tie-up. Stallion breaks away first lifting the 280lbs Mark Muscle in a fireman's carry SLAMMING him up and down as he groans in pain. Stallion drops Mark Muscle to the ground with a vicious low blow and begins his torture: leg stretch, gut punches, a viselike headlock, and knee to the face! Rolled to his belly, the 6'4" Mark Muscle is pulled into a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab as he screams in pain powerless to escape. Stallion drops Mark Muscle to the mat for crushing head scissors, gut punches his abs, and PEC CLAWS his beefy chest threatening to rip it from the bone! "You stay right there!" orders the dominant Stallion rising to his feet for a thunderous elbow drop. In agony, Mark Muscle is laid out as the 270lbs Stallion does push-ups on top of his chest CRUSHING Mark Muscle deeper and deeper into the mat! His back nearly broken, Stallion mounts Mark Muscle's chest flexing his powerful pythons then rolls him over for a CRIPPLING camel clutch. Stretched to his limits, Mark Muscle's skull is driven into the ground as another elbow drop sends him crashing down for a grueling leg stretch and armbar! Mark Muscle pleads for mercy; his arm nearly RIPPED from its socket as Stallion drags him to his feet for a neck-breaking full nelson swinging him side to side! Struggling to breathe, Mark Muscle's massive arms are WRENCHED behind his back in a double chicken wing as Stallion pounds his abs with brutal gut punches! Barely able to stand, a low blow has Mark Muscle collapsing to the mat; howling in pain as his groin is CRUSHED again under Stallion's foot. "Teach you to show some respect!" threatens Stallion wrapping his meathook hands around Mark Muscle's throat SLAMMING the back of his skull over and over into the ground. Still winded on the mat, Mark Muscle strikes with back to back low blows sending Stallion crumbling down. Both heavyweights struggle to catch their breath as Mark Muscle is dragged into front-facing head scissors; his face SMOTHERED by Stallion's sweat-filled trunks! The dominant Stallion releases his victim flexing and pec bouncing his gorilla-sized chest inches from the camera as Mark Muscle struggles to recover. "You gonna sign that paper yet?" taunts Stallion. "Never!" declares Mark Muscle as the brutal back and forth battle continues. A crushing sleeper, forearm blows to the chest, elbow drops, GRUELING backstretch, and low blows have both giants struggling for air. Back on their feet, Stallion and Mark Muscle lock up in a massive mercy challenge; their bulging biceps strain under the INTENSE pressure fighting for control. A choke lift, brutal fireman's carry, knee to the face, and over-the-knee backbreaker lead to a crushing end for one heavyweight! Will Mark Muscle be forced to sign the contract or escape with the win?