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Stallion vs Mercury - Vegas Battle 79

$ 31.25

A Vegas pose off quickly turns into pain, torture, and TOTAL DOMINATION! Battling for the spotlight, the wrestlers flex their rock-hard muscle as Mercury blocks Stallion from the mirror. "Look at this bicep, those abs!" brags Mercury. "You're a boy in a man's world; get that out of my face!" orders Stallion SHOVING the cocky rookie away. Mercury refuses to back down sending Stallion over the edge ready to teach a lesson in respect. Stallion wraps his 20 inch bicep around Mercury's skull in a tight headlock and guillotine choke lifting Mercury UPSIDE DOWN holding him with one arm! The blood rushing to his brain, Mercury groans in pain and is slammed to the ground barely moving. Stallion unleashes his power dragging Mercury to his feet for a grueling chokelift and overhead press lifting him up and down. Gasping for air, Mercury is BENT across Stallion's boulder shoulders and slammed to the ground as Stallion towers over him flexing. Dripping with sweat, Stallion drags Mercury face-first into a crushing head scissors and rolls to his knees BURYING Mercury's face between his tree-trunk quads. Mercury screams in pain as Stallion grabs Mercury's legs folding him in half; the intense pressure nearly breaks Mercury's neck! The dominant 265lbs Stallion releases his hold and does push-ups on top of Mercury CRUSHING his rib cage then hammers away his chiseled abs with brutal gut punches! Mercury's torture continues as a tight full nelson, over-the-knee back breaker, and vicious sleeper have Mercury STRAINING to escape; his chiseled frame grows limp passing out in Stallion's powerful pythons. Stallion wakes Mercury up ordering him into a flex off then lifts Mercury overhead in a surprise CRUCIFIX! Groaning in agony, Mercury is slammed on his neck and struggles to his feet picked up in a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug. "I get it! You're big; you're strong! I respect it!" pleads Mercury gasping for air crumbling to the mat. "Damn right, I'm the best! I love breaking in new guys!" declares Stallion ready to rip his victim apart limb by limb. A Boston crab, full nelson, crippling camel clutch, and THUNDEROUS smack to the face sends Mercury crashing to the ground barely conscious! Stallion flexes his rock-hard muscle as the battle continues. An over-the-knee back breaker, gut punches, leg stretches, overhead press, chokelift, and grueling banana split ends in a BRUTAL finish!