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Stallion vs Mountain - Bodybuilder Battle 159

$ 31.25

The ground trembles as 625LBS of power and muscle step onto the mat in Thunder's BIGGEST matchup of 2019!!! In the referee's position, Stallion rolls the 350lbs Mountain to his back and folds his leg over straining to pin down Mountain's powerful pythons, "Finally someone with little bit of strength!" Deep maniacal laughter fills the arena, "Strength? Boy you don't know anything yet!" threatens the English behemoth powering out with his granite slab legs. Stallion locks in a VICIOUS arm bar/scissor combo as Mountain groans in pain trying to flex out. "You thought you were gonna come in here and take over; don't you know this is Stallion's house?" The Italian giant pulls the heavyweight on top of him pinning him down with his tree-trunk legs and BENDS his arm above his head trying to rip it out of socket! With his victim winded, Stallion clamps on a crushing head scissors only fueling his rage as he breaks away taunting the American going back on all fours, "Is that it?" "You seem pretty confident! You know I was a little worried. They said I'm wrestling some guy called the Mountain; thought you'd be a challenge?" Stallions rolls the 350 pounder in a GRUELING banana split. "You think just because this college wrestler is a little bit bigger and actually a bodybuilder for once, that he's gonna work? He's still no match for real power!" The muscle monster breaks out with his legs pinning Stallion face down on the mat, but he soon powers out FOLDING Mountain's monstrous leg over to his chest. Back on the feet, the goliaths engage in a flex off SHOVING each other out of the way. "They don't wanna see you; they wanna see me! This is my house!" threatens Stallion. "See what exactly?" taunts Mountain. Standing toe to toe with their gorilla size chests PRESSED tight together, the goliaths feel out each other's meaty pecs. "That's a real man's chest; bench a little south of 500lbs!" flexes the Italian giant. "I remember the last time I benched 500lbs; think it was in my teens!" mocks Mountain with a beefy double bicep eclipsing the American from the camera's view. Stallion wraps his powerful pythons around Mountain in a tight belly to back bearhug SHAKING and SWINGING the 350 pounder as he struggles to breathe dropping him down. Still battling for the spotlight, Mountain is pushed aside sending him over the edge. With his back turned flexing, Mountain hoists the 275lbs Stallion across his barrel size chest as he groans in pain TOSSING him across the arena! The two freight trains COLLIDE and tie up battling for control. Mountain wraps his bulging bicep around Stallion's throat in a brutal guillotine choke! Gasping for air, Stallion tries to pick up the giant lifting his granite slab leg, but his strength is fading. Mountain parades the American bodybuilder around and smacks his beefy glutes. as he's paraded around the arena. "Hell no!" yells Stallion breaking away shoving the giant. "See you found one with a bit of attitude! Finally, somebody worth my time!" threatens Mountain SQUEEZING Stallion tight to his chest as he struggles to escape and is pushed aside. Pumped up, Stallion barrels in struggling for a belly to belly bearhug as the muscle monster overpowers and SLAMS him on the back of his skull. Dazed, the English behemoth mounts his abs pinning him down, "Come on; squeeze that head!" Swinging his tree-trunk leg around his captor's skull, the Italian giant tries to escape but doesn't have the strength as he's dragged on his back into a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors with his rock-hard calves. "Getting tired?" taunts Mountain as Stallion flails to break away FLIPPING the 350 pounder over on his face, "I don't think so!" Barely on his knees, the American wraps his 20 inch bicep around Mountain's throat in a tight sleeper. Incredibly, he stands up with the heavyweight on his back, "Come on, choke me! Climb up the Mountain and choke me!" Pouring with sweat, Stallion SQUEEZES as hard as he can as Mountain flexes his bulging biceps struggling for air falling to his knees. Finally, the English giant breaks away tossing the American on his back for a cross-body pin, "Time for you to feel what 350lbs feels like!" Lifting his hulking frame in a push-up, Mountain drops down CRUSHING his victim underneath with his mounds of meaty muscle! Stallion screams in pain coughing to breathe. Letting his victim up, the English behemoth stays on his knees holding one arm behind his back. The American whips around the muscle hulk bending him over on all fours and CLAMPS on a sit-down head scissors flexing a beefy double bicep. Pissed, Mountain presses up toppling the 275 pounder, but he battles back with an arm lock struggling for a camel clutch. "Really?" taunts the English giant winded from the intense struggle as he's pulled backwards in a RIB-SHATTERING body scissors. Grunting, Stallion flexes his tree-trunk quads tighter and tighter as Mountain gasps for air straining to pry apart his viselike grip. In agony, he finally escapes as the American tries to full nelson the giant with his legs but is overpowered and breaks free. "I'll snap your tibia!" threatens Mountain PULLING Stallion's tree-trunk legs to the sides as he screams in pain begging for mercy. "Rip your groin open!" laughs the dominant behemoth threatening to BREAK his victim in half. "No, let me out!" Standing to his feet, Mountain pushes down even harder. Desperate, Stallion breaks away KICKING the 350 pounder sending him flying across the mat. First to his feet, the American beast mounts his prey's gorilla size chest but is easily pushed off. Breathing heavy, both goliaths flex their bulging biceps and pec bounce their juiced up pecs INCHES AWAY from the camera! Mountain surprises Stallion with a brutal belly to back bearhug as he groans in pain barely escaping. "Hell no!" Stallion rears back flying through the air but is ENGULFED in mounds of beefy muscle with a belly to belly bearhug. "Is that it? Break your ribs, come on little boy!" Clutching his aching back, the 275 pounder gasps for air barely escaping with a forearm to the face and tries again for an attack. The sound of 625lbs of muscle COLLIDING mid-air in another belly to belly sends shockwaves through the arena as a pissed off Mountain squeezes even harder slamming him on the back of his skull. The brutal battle of the heavyweights continues: massive shoulder carry, firearm blow, pec claw, devastating chokelift, double fists to the chest, vicious torture rack, PEC SMOTHERING to the face that will leave you breathless wanting more! A motionless pile of meaty muscle is laid out as a devious grin sweeps across the winner's face, "I ain't done with you! It's not over till I say it's over!"