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Scrappy vs Stallion - Custom Video Series 97

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

A contract dispute sparks a brutal 27 minute big vs little matchup. "Do you know who you're talking to? I don't need your stupid contract!" yells Scrappy. "I'm gonna ask you the nice way, or we can do it the other way! Take your pick; didn't work out so good for the last guy!" threatens Stallion. Scrappy grabs the contract and cracks it over Stallion's skull again and again. Scrappy drags Stallion to his knees locking in a sleeper, "You gotta respect Scrappy!" His muscles fading, Stallion passes out as Scrappy peels his shirt off pulling him down into a leg sleeper. The dazed Stallion rolls on the mat desperately trying to break free as Scrappy locks it in tighter. "Looks like they need to get somebody else in charge of signing contracts!" Angry, Scrappy STOMPS Stallion awake delivering a leg drop. The 270lbs Stallion struggles to catch his breath as he's wrapped in a full nelson and picked up in a tight rear bearhug carried to the window. Stallion is sat down as Scrappy HAMMERS his abs harder and harder then wraps him in a other sleeper. Standing on the window seat, Scrappy has it locked in tight as Stallion slumps to the floor. "Stop!" gasps Stallion reaching his powerful pythons around clubbing Scrappy's back, but it does no good as he crumbles on his face. Scrappy flexes in victory and climbs the window seat, "I own this; I don't have to sign anything!" Stallion barely wakes up as Scrappy flies through the air with thunderous bodysplash after bodysplash. "Ahh my back!" groans Stallion dragged to his feet barely able to stand. Scrappy locks in a side headlock and BULLDOGS Stallion over and over yanking his hair and delivering an elbow drop. "Get up!" orders Scrappy forcing Stallion to his feet shoving him into the window, "Flex those arms for me!" Another leg sleeper puts Stallion out as he's woken up for flex off. Stallion is shoved on his face and rolled in a tight scissor/sleeper combo. "You're too nice. They need a better enforcer cuz you're definitely not cutting it!" mocks Scrappy. A massive low blow drops Scrappy to the mat as Stallion slams the contract SHATTERING it into pieces on the floor. "You really shouldn't have done that!" threatens Stallion wrapping his meathook hands around Scrappy's throat for a chokelift, "I'm really not that nice!" Stallion slams Scrappy down and begins his torture: smothering Scrappy's face in his beefy pecs, smacks his glutes, then wraps him in a guillotine choke. Scrappy gasps for air under Stallion's 20 inch bicep and is picked up upside down held with one arm then slammed on his face. "You're gonna sign that contract!" Stallion chokes Scrappy on the mat then mounts his chest; his 270lbs frame nearly caving in Scrappy's chest. Scrappy continues his trash talk as Stallion crushes his face into his tree-trunk quad leaving him breathless on the mat. "No, no more! I'll sign whatever!" begs Scrappy as Stallion flexes. Scrappy refuses to shut up as Stallion steps on his throat squeezing the air from his lungs. "You pissed me off!" Desperate, Scrappy tries a triangle choke but is lifted in the air under Stallion's power swung around and powerslammed on his back. The 270lbs Stallion lays across his broken victim and does push ups on his body crushing his ribs and smothering his face with his pecs. The brutal fight continues with a torture rack, chop to the chest, finger torture, one-handed chokelift, chokeslam, and belly to belly bearhug!