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Stallion vs Sergei - Bodybuilder Battle 157

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Bulging biceps, beefy pecs, mounds of thick muscle you can't even get your hands around...get ready for a Battle of the Big Boys! Stallion and Sergei pec bounce and flex their hulking frames as the camera zooms in tight; so close you could reach out and touch them! Locking up, the goliaths engage in a GUILLOTINE CHOKE BATTLE trying to squeeze the life out of each other with their powerful pythons! Stallion strikes first as the Russian giant strains to escape, "You can't get out of that!" His torture soon ends breaking away with one of his own. "You're so strong!" groans Stallion dropping to his knees before hoisting the 230 pounder up in a shoulder carry breaking his grip, "You gotta challenge me a little bit, come on now!" A SMACK to the glutes has Sergei angry for revenge taking over round #3, "You ain't getting out of here!" The heavyweight struggles for air lifting the muscle beast again, but his choke is LOCKED on tight, "I got you; give in!" Stallion's eyes begin to roll back in his head, "No, no!" dropping to his knees as the Russian destroyer let's go wrapping him up in a tight sleeper, "You ain't getting out of here; I'm too strong!" Desperate to break free, the gasping heavyweight SWINGS his arms trying to club his captor's back as his strength begins to fade, and he's slammed on his face! Sergei climbs on top of the muscle monster flexing as he struggles to escape, "Did I tell you to get up? I told you I'm too strong!" FURIOUS, the 265 pounder rolls over grabbing the arrogant beast's leg in a brutal leg lock twisting and pulling, "I'm gonna break this knee, snap this leg in half! How's that feel huh?" Groaning in pain, Sergei struggles to hold on, "You're a little stronger than I thought!" seconds away from tapping out before he is rolled to his belly and choked from behind WRENCHING his arm nearly out of socket. "How's that elbow feel?" taunts Stallion digging his elbow into the Russian's nearly broken arm, "I'm not done; I'm gonna toy with you some more! On your knees, you're mine!" The 265 pounder chokes his prey from behind and slams him to the mat straddling his chiseled abs, "I can do what I want with you!" taunts Stallion GRINDING his meaty forearm in the muscle beast's face; his screams fueling the giant's power. "How's that feel, helpless? You submit?" asks the behemoth mounting the Russian's chest pinning him down with his knees. "I ain't quitting! You're pretty strong!" groans Sergei rolled over in an ARM-BREAKING arm bar narrowly escaping. "Oh no, where you going? You look at me when I torture you!" Stallion wraps his granite slab quads around his victim in a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors. The blood rushing from his brain; Sergei fights to stay conscious. "Can you breathe still? Roll on your stomach!" orders the 265 pounder on his knees CRANKING the beast's arm behind his back pinning him between his legs, "Feel trapped yet?" "Maybe, but I'll get out!" moans the Russian. "I can just hold you between my thighs right here and squeeze! I'll let you up!" taunts Stallion. Back on their feet, the goliaths lock up as the muscle monster clamps on another sleeper dragging Sergei to his knees for a CRUSHING standing head scissors! Powerless to escape, he groans in agony as the scissors are taken down to the mat. "You're so tiny; I could just sit here and choke the life out of you with my thighs!" taunts Stallion THRASHING his prey side to side. "I'm gonna get out of this; I'll show you!" His veins pumped to the max about to burst, Sergei finally powers out and climbs on top of the giant pinning him down, "Come on man, you're stronger than that! Put those hands down!" An intense struggle ERUPTS as Stallion strains to break free wrapping his meathook hands around the beast's throat, "I got you now!" Gasping for air, Sergei breaks his grip but is ENGULFED in mounds of beefy muscle with a belly to belly bearhug on the mat, "Let's see if you can stand up with 265 pounds of man! Don't hurt yourself now!" challenges Stallion. Powerless to move, the behemoth LAUNCHES the Russian across the mat pinning him down with one arm! Brutal gut punches lead to a massive mercy challenge as both goliaths fight for control. Stallion breaks away first with a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. Mounds of meaty muscle clenched tight soon becomes one of the hottest BEARHUG BATTLES you have ever seen! Dropping to their knees, Sergei breaks away squeezing the behemoth harder and harder pulling him back to his feet as he groans in pain narrowly escaping with a two-handed choke. "Get up!" orders Stallion with two more belly to belly bearhugs! The sound of these two freight trains COLLIDING sends shockwaves through the arena! Gasping for air, the muscle giant locks the Russian in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson swinging the 230 pounder in the air side to side, "What, you're gonna get out of this?" Sergei strains but finally escapes as the titans engage in a FULL NELSON BATTLE testing whose arms are stronger! Pinned up tight, the heavyweights flex harder and harder breaking each other's viselike grips then trap their powerful arms tight against their beefy chests until they can escape! Winded from the intense struggle, the juggernauts lock up in an even bigger mercy challenge. Their bulging biceps VIOLENTLY shake under the intense pressure forcing each other up and down to their knees! "Stay down there!" orders Sergei. "Submit, you know you want to!" taunts Stallion. Neither side giving in, the goliaths collide trying for belly to belly bearhugs but can't connect deciding to settle the score in a SLEEPER BATTLE! Bulging biceps work overtime squeezing the life out of each other as their hulking frames go limp collapsing on each other's mounds of beefy muscle! Who will be left standing? A surprise knockout will leave you breathless wanting more!