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Stallion vs Steel - Ring Wars 91

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

"Biggest arms in the world baby! Anybody want a piece of this?" flexes the 260lbs behemoth pec bouncing his gorilla size chest. "They finally got me a challenge; your arms are kind of big. Some day you'll get there!" flexes Steel with his rock-hard biceps standing toe to toe with the giant. "Are you on the menu tonight cuz I'm freaking starving!" taunts Stallion. "You can't fit those biceps in your stomach; well maybe you could!" mocks Steel patting the giant's gut. "Show me what I'm working with!" challenges the mountain of muscle. "I know big lunks like you can't really wrestle; come in here thinking they're the hot s**t! See some real f***ing meat right here!" Steel peels off his clothes exposing his beefy frame as the flex off heats up; both titans push each other into the ropes to warm up. A massive tie up has the behemoth hurling the vet into the ropes for a MEATHOOK CLOTHESLINE, "School's now in session! Get up!" Struggling to his feet, the muscle beast fires back tossing the big man to the ropes for a clothesline of his own. "Did that hurt? You softy, teddy bear!" mocks Steel poking the behemoth's meaty arm. "I bounced right back up! You talking that crap boy?" Still flexing their beefy double biceps, the vet surprises the muscle giant with a tight full nelson, "Those big arms, you flexing son?" "You want it?" groans Stallion struggling to break free as he's dragged ringside. "Gotta make this a little more painful!" threatens Steel STRETCHING the mountain of muscle out between the ropes and yanking back on his neck. "Is that all you got? So freaking weak!" coughs the big man struggling to breathe. Furious, Steel HAMMERS Stallion's monstrous back dropping him to his knees and wraps his bulging bicep around his throat, "You ain't as strong as you look! Can you not get out of this as big as you are?" The behemoth gasps for air feverishly reaching around trying to grab his captor finally succeeding with a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN! Steel is slammed to his back as the 260 pounder falls on top of him nearly breaking his rib cage and elbows his chiseled abs while he screams in pain! "Get up!" orders the muscle giant yanking his prey up by his hair and LAUNCHES him into the ropes as he collapses to his knees. The vet suffers grisly beating; his massive arms wrenched behind his back as he's stretched between the ropes. "How you like that? Who's teaching who now huh?" taunts Stallion yanking back on the vet's head nearly snapping his neck and POUNDS his back with his meaty forearms! Barely moving on the ground, the ruthless muscle monster picks his victim up for a neck-breaking full nelson and SLAMS him face first into the turnbuckle nearly knocking him out! Seeing stars, the dazed Steel is drug to his knees where Stallion wraps his 20 inch bicep around his throat! In desperation, the vet claws for the ropes as the giant pulls him away lifting him to his feet, "Nope!" His prey barely conscious, the behemoth DRIVES his skull again and again into the turnbuckle shaking the ring as he crumbles to the ground. "I thought you were supposed to teach me, take me to school?" Stallion's brutal beatdown continues: devastating clothesline, arm-breaking hammerlock, hair pulling! "You can't hang with this! That's what a real man looks like!" flexes the mountain of muscle. "F**k, my head!" moans Steel wobbling to his feet where he's hoisted up in a massive fireman's carry. "You're so tiny!" laughs the heavyweight squatting and doing lunges with the vet with ease. "You ain't that big!" groans Steel. "What did you say? I can't hear you!" Full of rage, Stallion violently SHAKES the muscle beast up and down; his chiseled frame goes limp on the giant's boulder shoulders. "Now I'm having fun! That's what you get for coming in here acting like you're the hot s**t!" Slammed down, Steel can barely breathe refusing to quit, "I'm still gonna beat your a**!" A fire begins to ignite inside the vet as he recovers to his feet surprising the muscle giant with a DOUBLE RAKE to the eyes! Temporarily blinded, the behemoth is tackled into the turnbuckle where his beefy abs are drilled over and over as he struggles to stay standing. Quickly, Steel exits the ring and climbs the ropes wrapping his bulging bicep around the giant in a tight sleeper, "I'm gonna snap your neck!" Gasping for air, Stallion tries clubbing the vet's chiseled back with his meathook hands, but his strength is fading. "You think your weak little punches hurt?" taunts Steel letting go to climb back inside. Incredibly, the mountain of muscle recovers grabbing the vet between the ropes and lifts him in a RIB-SHATTERING belly to belly bearhug; his powerful pythons dig in deep as screams of pain fill the arena. Barely standing, Steel's torture continues: shoulder ramming to the abs, bodyslam, fireman's carry, 260lbs bodysplash sucking every last breath from his lungs! "I'm bigger than, taller than you, better than you; you don't beat me in any way!" threatens Stallion. Steel may be down but not out as this brutal battle heats up: clotheslines, forearm smashes, elbow drop, chokelift, a CRIPPLING camel clutch! "I'm the king of this b****! I'm not gonna let you go until I feel you stop breathing!"