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Stallion vs Striker - Bodybuilder Battle 158

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

"You must be lost, boy; there's gotta be a mistake! I'm 275lbs; how dare you challenge me!" taunts the muscle monster. The cocky rookie flexes, inching closer and closer to the giant's face. "Get that out of here; you're in daddy's house now! That's what a real bicep looks like!" flexes Stallion with a beefy double bicep. "You feel thick; where your abs at? Too much beer?" mocks Striker SHOVING the beast harder and harder until he snaps, "What the hell's wrong with you; do you know who I am?" Stallion wraps his meathook hands around the lightweight's throat with a chokelift slamming him on the back of his head, "Get up!" Barely moving, the 165 pounder is lifted in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson and swung around as he groans in pain, "You're so lite, small, and pathetic, no match for a real man! Get on your knees; that's a good boy!" orders the muscle giant wrapping his powerful python around his victim's throat flexing as he STRAINS to escape and is slammed down. Striker recovers and whips around the behemoth jumping on his hulking back trying for a sleeper. "Now you're about to piss me off!" groans Stallion coughing to breathe as he falls forward on his face. "Come on! Who's got you now?" taunts the rookie ROLLING the heavyweight head over heels stretching out his tree-trunk legs in an impressive pin. "What the f***?" groans the behemoth narrowly escaping after a two count, "Someone that tiny isn't supposed to be that powerful, not bad for a little guy!" Still on his knees, Striker leapfrogs the giant taunting him only fueling his RAGE, "I told you I'm here!" Tying up, the muscle monster lifts his tiny prey across his boulder shoulders shaking him as he screams in pain and BODYSLAMS him to the mat nearly breaking his back! "You better get real comfortable cuz that's where you're gonna be the rest of this match! I'm a god!" flexes Stallion as the rookie struggles to his feet, "I get it; you're big!" The arrogant rookie challenges the behemoth to a flex off showing off their biceps, quads, and abs. "World's biggest arms!" brags Stallion with a double bicep. "Really?" mocks Striker surprising the muscle hulk with a STANDING CRUCIFIX! Stretched out tight, the muscle giant drops to his knees slamming the rookie on his back, "How dare you when I'm not looking, cheap shot!" Seeing red, the dominant beast FOLDS his tiny prey over in a choke then lifts him up and down with one arm SMASHING his skull into the ground nearly knocking him out. "These chumps, no one can defeat Stallion around here!" Flexing and pec bouncing his meaty pecs, the distracted behemoth is wrapped up in another STANDING CRUCIFIX locked in even tighter! "Come on, make me use everything huh?" strains Striker pulling as hard as he can. "No!" groans the muscle giant in pain falling to his knees as the 165 pounder SLAMS his face into the mat trying for a pin. "Wipe the mat with your face!" threatens Stallion exploding out of the hold mounting his tiny prey's chest pinning him down with his knees. Desperate, Striker swing his legs up to escape but he can't escape the giant's clutches. What comes next is PURE TORTURE! Straddling the the newbie, the behemoth bends his victim's legs pinning them tight against his gorilla size chest and yanks his arms lifting him up and down DRIVING his back and face into the ground then SWINGS him wildly between his tree-trunk legs. "Ahh please!" screams Striker; his arms and legs nearly pulled out of socket. "You're mine! I can do what I want with you!" A stomp to the abs and GRUELING arm bar/scissor combo have the rookie howling in pain. "How's it feel to be stuck between the world's biggest thighs?" taunts Stallion; his victim finally tapping out. Back on their feet, a game of cat and mouse has the rookie ducking the behemoth's attack over and over. "Too quick for you huh?" "Come here you little s**t!" The lightweight whips around the hulk trying for a full nelson and but can't reach around the human size refrigerator. "You got this, work a little harder!" taunts the behemoth SQUEEZING Striker's arms against his beefy pecs as he groans in pain then locks in a vicious guillotine choke. Powerless to escape, the 165 pounder goes limp and crumbles to the mat. "You still alive? You shouldn't be; get up!" Stallion wakes his victim up lifting him across his gorilla sized chest, TOSSES him up and down catching him, then drops him in an over-the-knee back breaker. Striker collapses as the sinister heavyweight CRUSHES his chest and neck with his foot until he submits, "Can you breathe still?" Stumbling to his feet, the rookie tries for a sleeper but is easily overpowered and hoisted up in an upside down belly to back bearhug, "You're so weak; you done pissed me off! Lights out!" yells Stallion PILEDRIVING Striker's skull into the ground! Darkness falls over the arena as a world of pain is introduced you will not believe: overhead press, chokelifts, chokeslams, a RIB-SHATTERING belly to belly bearhug! "You can't escape me; this is my house! I'm gonna eat you alive!"