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Stallion vs Van Acker - Battlespace 141

$ 31.25

Big vs little fans, get ready for a MASSACRE as a pissed off muscle giant makes Van Acker his little b****! "Give me my money; you lost! Think you're scary; it's just all water weight!" mocks the lightweight with a wad of cash POKING Stallion's beefy pecs over and over. "Who the hell are you? My arm is bigger than your leg, and you have the balls to ask me for money? This is my stable; I'm the stud of this place!" Not backing down, the cocky Van Acker waves his money in the behemoth's face sending him over the edge, "I pay for the stable!" Seeing red, Stallion rips the cash away tossing it in the air and chokes the tiny vet into the wall; his meathook hands nearly SNAPPING his neck, "Don't ever step to me again! You must not know me very well, but you will. I'm the best, and I don't lose ever!" Gasping for air, Van Acker tries CLAWING the giant's mounds of beefy muscle, but it does no good as he's launched to the mat. "You're so pathetic; stay down!" orders the dominant Stallion stealing his victim's money before tearing off his clothes. Barely on all fours, the 275lbs muscle enforcer straddles his playtoy YANKING his hair and CRANKS back on his chin as he screams in agony crumbling to the mat. "Come on man; my wallet is in there!" groans Van Acker; the muscle giant retreating into the house with his victim's clothes, "It's mine too!" Desperate, the lightweight grabs the behemoth's tree-trunk quad pulling him outside only fueling his rage! A VISELIKE headlock has Van Acker howling in pain, "You're so f**king big!" The blood rushing from his brain; Stallion squeezes his rock-hard 20 inch bicep tighter and tighter, "Having a hard time breathing down there?" Barely conscious, the underdog manages to wrap his hands around the behemoth DRAGGING him face first to the mat and jumps on his hulking back trying for a sleeper. "What are you doing?" mocks the Italian giant easily standing up flexing his powerful pythons. Van Acker quickly drops down trying to topple the big man lifting his granite slab leg off the ground. "Get away from me, you annoying little s**t!" His blood boiling, Stallion hoists the pesky lightweight up in a brutal belly to back bearhug and PILEDRIVES his skull into the mat nearly knocking him out. "Can you breathe still?" taunts the 275lbs behemoth CRUSHING his prey's tiny throat with his foot peeling his tank top off his gorilla size chest. Gasping for air, Van Acker yanks off the giant's shorts as he releases his hold and futilely tries for a takedown. In complete control, the muscle monster picks up the cocky 160 pounder and tries breaking his bones SLAMMING him harder and harder into the ground. "You throw me around like I'm nothing!" moans Van Acker; his vicious torture continuing with a powerful full nelson and RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug shaken up and down. "Get on your knees! The next time you come talk to me, start on your knees!" orders Stallion tossing his little b**** to the ground for a pulverizing body scissors THRASHING him side to side as he screams in pain! "Stop, your legs are so big; I can't breathe!" pleads the tiny vet struggling to breathe. "I'll stop!" A devious grin sweeps across the behemoth's face as he lets go transitioning to a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors and tries ripping his arm out of socket! Blood-curdling screams echo through the trees as the 275 pounder releases, dragging his broken prey into a front facing head scissors SMOTHERING Van Acker with his sweat-filled trunks! "My neck's gonna pop! Please, I won't ask for the money!" The sinister Stallion rolls to his knees pulling his victim deeper in his tree-trunk quads, stretching out his arms and legs before SMASHING his skull over and over into the ground; the deafening thuds getting louder and louder! You think it's all over, but it's about to get worse as Stallion UNLEASHES a darkness you have never seen! An arm-breaking hammerlock, hair pulling, and vicious chokelift leaves Van Acker barely breathing on his back. Hungry for more torture, the 275lbs behemoth straddles his tiny prey in a push up position dropping his hulking frame over and over FLATTENING him into the ground! "Did I hear a rib break?" "No more!" pleads the battered lightweight yanked to his knees by his hair. "Tell everyone how much you love being Stallion's towel boy!" orders the dominant master of pain. "I love being Stallion's towel boy!" moans Van Acker completely gassed. "Good boy, get up! I'm gonna break you in half!" ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE as the Italian giant delivers his tiny victim the beating of his life: a grueling standing head scissors, tornado fireman's carry, overhead press, powerbomb, and one of the HOTTEST leg stretches you have ever seen. "You're splitting me open, stop please!" begs Van Acker folded completely in half under the giant's power. Motionless on the mat, the dominant Stallion sits on his little b****'s chest for a brutal interrogation that goes HORRIBLY WRONG! "I'm the king; I rule Thunders! I can feel your chest caving in; I don't think you're sorry!" You won't believe what happens next!