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Stallion vs Van Acker - Custom Video Series 109

$ 25.95
$ 31.25


Stallion and Van Acker are working out, sporting tight, collegiate-style singlets -- Stallion's red singlet can't contain his massive chest or his stallion.  But Van Acker has big news:  "I've mastered the heart punch!"

Van Acker drops the message like's he's been studying the move for years with Chinese masters.  Stallion can only laugh.  "That's not even a real move, dude.  You've been watching too many Quentin Tarantino movies."  But Van Acker is out to take down the big guys at Thunders one by one, and he says his heart punches will leave Stallion needing a respirator. Van Acker re-discovers his bluster, but he's still giving up 85 pounds to the Italian strongman.  He playfully taps Stallion's massive left pec a couple of times. "Your heart! You'll be flat-lining before we're finished."

"You'll be flat on your ass!" Stallion responds. "My pecs are made of steel."  

A flustered Van Acker gets manhandled again, but as Stallion hoists him by the throat, Van Acker desperately rakes his eyes. A couple of massive blows to the blinded Stallion's nuts leave the big guy hobbled, as well.  Van Acker lets loose with a sadistic cackle -- part Joker and part grindhouse murderer. Where did this Van Acker come from?

With Stallion writhing in pain, Van Acker is able to clamp on a tight and tidy sleeper.  But instead of just putting the big man out, he transitions to a scissor-sleeper and wraps up Stallion's lower torso while he chokes him.  Once Stallion loses consciousness, the sadistic villain delights in letting the big stud bounce around on top of him. "I've got you where I want you" he tells the KO'd monster, and he practically howls like a Maori warrior, finally counting the pin by snapping the straps on Stallion's singlet. "You've made a BIG mistake" the massive 270-pounder says, but he can't put up much of a defense as Van Acker drags him around, bulldogs him, sleepers and scissors him yet again.  As Van Acker sets Stallion up for the heart punches, Stallion seems plenty aware that Van Acker's cackling, laughing and screaming has become more piercing and ominous. Does Van Acker laugh just as deviously when he's being tortured.  Does Stallion involuntarily flex his arm and pec muscles even when he's knocked out?  And as for those heart punches:  that's just fiction from a Tarantino movie, right?