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Steel vs KaSee - Rough & Ready 134

$ 31.25

"I'm the sexiest dude here. No one can beat me; I'm the best!" flexes Kasee poolside as he drops down for some push ups. "You're a toothpick! I see small; I don't see sexy! Why don't you get up and check this s**t out!" Steel towers over the vet flexing his powerful pythons as Kasee springs to his feet comparing biceps. "These little kids, when did they stop bringing men to Thunders?" mocks Steel. "I'm the manliest man in Thunders; I'm the king!" The arrogant Kasee starts admiring the mountain of muscle running his hands all over his chiseled frame, "I just can't get enough of this body!" Rain begins to pour as a distracted Steel is shoved into the pool; Kasee runs in the house with the PISSED OFF behemoth in hot pursuit! "What a total dumba**! You had it coming let's be honest!" mocks Kasee cornered on the mat with nowhere to hide. "I'm gonna fold you in half for that!" threatens Steel hoisting the vet up across his boulder shoulders VIOLENTLY shaking and BENDING him trying to break his bones! "Ahh my back!" groans Kasee delivering a vicious low blow to escape. "I'm gonna like this a lot; I'm wrestling a dumba**!" taunts the vet as a sharp knee to the ribs sends Steel flying across the mat. Stumbling to his feet, the muscle beast explodes in a fit of rage tripping Kasee down for a GRUELING ankle lock! "Ahh my leg!" screams the stud; his bones ready to snap from the intense pressure. "You might be the new cockiest little bastard in Thunders Arena; gotta put them all in their place!" The dominant Steel releases his hold and straddles his tiny prey for a BACK-BREAKING camel clutch/sleeper combo! "No, stop!" pleads Kasee; his face turning bright red as the behemoth's beefy bicep squeezes every last breath from his lungs, and he collapses on his face. "My neck!" moans the vet powerless to move. "Did you say your neck?" The ruthless Steel drags his victim up on all fours and wraps his tree trunk quads around him in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! "Not the big legs bro!" begs Kasee as the mountain of muscle flexes tighter and tighter taking his scissors to the mat. "Lights out already? I thought you were something; everyone's talking about you!" taunts Steel letting go to deliver more pain. A vicious stomp to the groin leads to a DEVASTATING chokelift as the muscle giant's meathook hands nearly crush Kasee's throat! "Little Prince Charming: perfect little body, perfect little hair!" mocks Steel dropping the barely conscious stud to the mat while he flexes. "Did I hurt your little boy a**?" A smack to Kasee's glutes sends him over the edge LEVELING the big man with brutal low blow, "Just a big dumba**, I got you again; this is fun!" The muscle stud mounts the behemoth's gorilla size chest pinning him down as he moans in pain. Back on their feet, a vengeful Steel stalks his prey ready to unleash his power, "This little boy s**t doesn't work here! Have you ever been crushed by a real f***ing man?" A RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug has Kasee shaken like a rag doll; his bones splintering as he screams in agony crumbling to the mat. Steel's brutal beatdown rages on: gut punches, crushing head scissors, vicious arm lock, ATOMIC DROP over his tree trunk quad! Writhing in pain and gasping for air, Kasee clutches his aching groin, "I think I'm gonna throw up; it hurts so bad!" "I can't give you a break!" The muscle beast mounts his victim's chest; his face buried deep between his quads and SMOTHERS him with his own bicep as he flails struggling to stay conscious until Steel lets go. "That's really stupid!" yells Kasee back on his feet taking the behemoth to the mat in a surprise arm lock trying to rip it out of socket. "My shoulder!" A low blow and vicious dirty trick has the big man down for the count barely moving as Kasee revels in his pain, "That's for dropping me on my balls! I don't hear you talking so much anymore!" Steel stumbles to his feet as the non-stop battle continues: low blow, CHOKESLAM, crippling leg lock, neck-snapping full nelsons! Things get down and dirty as the sinister Kasee unleashes a JAW-DROPPING attack on the mountain of muscle's groin you will not believe! "Did I really just tame this giant bicep f***ing monster? Say goodbye!"