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Steel vs Kid Thing - Bodybuilder Battle 143

$ 39.95

"Getting bigger every day! Need some more amateur a** here, been too long!" Steel flexes his thick, beefy frame waiting for his next victim when he's interrupted by Kid Thing, "If you got the time, I need to get down a little bit better before I can start wrestling guys like you. Think you can show me a couple things?" Steel hesitates but decides to teach the rookie a lesson he won't forget, "Alright, first lesson is you gotta be ready at all times!" Out of nowhere, the muscle beast DRILLS the newb's abs with two brutal gut punches dropping him to his knees as he gasps for air. Things go from bad to worse as Steel wraps his tree-trunk quads around his victim in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! "What the hell?" groans Kid Thing in pain as the blood rushes from his face. "What did I tell you? You gotta be ready at all times! Remember this, remember those big quads?" The behemoth drags his scissors to the mat as the apprentice tries desperately to break free, "Too tight!" "I'm still the boss!" declares Steel as he releases his hold and drags his helpless victim to his feet for a NECK-BREAKING full nelson lifting him up and down. "I thought we'd be training? How do I get out of this?" Squeezing even harder, the muscle beast taunts the lightweight, "Flex out, but you're not strong enough! Put some effort into it little man!" Kid Thing strains as hard as he can trying to break the viselike grip and pleads with his captor, "You gotta give me a chance!" His determination finally pays off as he breaks free, but Steel's brutal school of hard knocks continues. A CRUSHING side headlock has the rookie buried deep between the vet's rock-hard arm and beefy pec. "Can you breathe?" taunts the beast pulling his protege to the mat. "Barely, stop flexing your bicep!" pleads Kid Thing gasping for air. Steel lets go flexing his mountain of muscle over his laid out prey, "When you're this big, you stick out. You look like a little wreslter!" The devious beast's mind races thinking of ways to rip his student apart, "What should I teach you? Try to crush these ribs!" "'No!" begs the rookie as Steel quickly wraps his Popeye arms around his waste SHAKING him up and down in massive front and rear bearhugs, "That's right boy!" Kid Thing's chiseled frame begins to slump under the intense power of the beast and crumbles to the mat; his abs turn bright red from the vicious assault, "You're f***ing up my abs man!" moans the rookie barely moving. "I ain't done with you yet!" The ruthless behemoth forces his prey up, slams him into the wall, and UNLOADS on his already damaged mid-section with some of the hardest gut punches you have ever seen! Kid Thing can barely stand as the maniacal teacher continues his lesson, "Wanna see something new?" A vicious over-the-knee back breaker nearly BREAKS the rookie in half as the beast admires his work. "I'm looking at those red abs, all the damage I did. Stay down!" orders Steel as he chops and elbows the lightweight's abs as he struggles to escape, "Let me go!" The beast drops his protege on his face delivering a CRIPPLING camel clutch injuring his already aching back! "You done with your lesson yet? I've had quite a bit of fun so far! You wanna wrestle; you gotta be a man!" flexes Steel over his fallen prey. "You ain't teach me s**t! You're forgetting rule number one!" A massive LOW BLOW has the behemoth doubled over in pain as he's forced into the wall, "You want your abs red too? You got mine pretty red!" Kid Thing HAMMERS away on the muscle hulk's chiseled abs sending him crashing down straight into a tight full nelson, "Am I doing this right coach? Not so big and tough now!" Winded from the attack, the mountain of muscle groans in pain straining to break free, "My neck, you're gonna pay for this!" Steel finally flexes out EXPLODING in a fit of rage: grueling hammerlock, brutal head scissors, a leg-breaking stretch! "My hamstrings! You messed up my leg!" screams the rookie laying motionless on the mat. "You're pretty beat up; I almost feel bad. Little Kid Thing, new to the scene, thrown around by the best!" flexes Steel. "I still got some learning to do!" groans the newbie standing to his feet. The muscle studs tie up as Kid Thing WRENCHES the beast's arm behind his back in a brutal arm lock forcing him to his knees, "Got that big tricep all to myself now! What was that you're saying; you're the best? Not looking so strong from here!" Steel groans in pain as he's launched to the mat and picked up in a tight full nelson. "You're sweaty! You getting tired?" taunts Kid Thing. The non-stop intense battle continues: chokelifts, gut punches, sleeper, crushing head scissors, Boston crab, a PILEDRIVER! Screams for the match to stop fall on deaf ears as the final moments lead to a HEART-STOPPING end!