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Steel vs Van Acker - Battlespace 132

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

An argument over wrestling gear leads to an all-out BRAWL in this brutal matchup! "Hey Mike, found some posers I like!" Steel heads to the mat when he's stopped dead in his tracks; Van Acker pushes away his beefy chest, "Hold on, I was gonna wear those. They don't even fit you!" The vet is in disbelief at the rookie's arrogance, "I don't even know who you are! Amateurs, coming up to me thinking they can just talk s**t? Look at these; they're perfect!" Steel snaps the straps of his tiny blue posers against his tree trunk quads not backing down. "I told you I was gonna have those; I like that blue!" declares Van Acker inching closer and closer. "You got the little girl blue," mocks Steel, "I got a match to go to in these posers son!" The muscle beast turns to walk away as Van Acker jumps on his chiseled back wrapping his bicep around his throat, "Give me them back!" Gasping for air, Steel stumbles to the mat as the rookie SQUEEZES even harder; his hulking frame crumbles to his knees finally FLIPPING the lightweight off him, "You really wanna fight me for them huh?" A quick tie up leads to the muscle beast slamming Van Acker down for a brutal arm bar, "You ain't going nowhere! Stop squirming, snap that arm!" The rookie is in agony; his bones are seconds away from breaking as Steel repeatedly STOMPS his victim's abs then rolls him over for a triangle choke; his face BURIED deep in the behemoth's tree-trunk quads, "Squeeze that head!" Barely moving, Van Acker struggles to his feet as the dominant vet grabs his throat for a grueling chokelift dropping him back down, "You done? Get up!" Gut punches, hair pulling, and back to back gorilla presses leave the arrogant rookie groveling on his knees as Steel locks in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! "Your legs are so big!" groans Van Acker as the pressure builds in his brain. The behemoth flexes tighter and tighter slapping his beefy quads to add more pain, "These posers look pretty good on them don't they?" Still writhing in agony, the rookie is hoisted across the beast's boulder shoulders in a torture rack and VIOLENTLY shaken as he begs for mercy, "You're gonna split me in half!" The more his victim screams; the more torture Steel delivers: chokelifts, hair pulling, stomps to the back, gut punches, and multiple DEVASTATING head scissors! "My head's gonna pop!" Van Acker rolls on the mat clutching his aching skull as the beast taunts him from above, "Almost fun, all for a pair of posers!" Trying for a way out, the rookie pleads with his tormentor, "I don't care about them anymore; I'm sorry!" as a devilish grin sweeps across Steel's face, "I can't stop now!" Back on their feet, the mountain of muscle ENGULFS the rookie with front and rear bearhugs rearranging his insides as his pythons dig in deep! Van Acker is in agony barely conscious on the mat as Steel mounts his chest pinning him down and flexes his rock-hard biceps, "Try to move this s**t, move this muscle!" Powerless to escape, the rookie cries out, "I can't!" wishing to be anywhere else! The grueling battle for the posers continues: camel clutch, chokelifts, arm bars, guillotine choke! BLOOD-CURDLING screams will send chills down your spine leading up to an ominous threat, "I'm done playing with you; I need to make this a quick death!"