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Hard and lean or big and beefy...the INTENSE battle for the best body begins! A flex off has both wrestlers arguing who looks better. "That's a hard arm! You're too soft; what is this?" mocks Auswell grabbing Steel's beefy pecs. "Real meat! Wanna see what a man looks like?" flexes Steel showing off with a rock-hard double bicep. Battling for the spotlight, Auswell SHOVES Steel away setting off a massive tie-up. Auswell breaks away locking in a belly to back bearhug shaking Steel around, but Steel soon powers out lifting the rookie up SLAMMING him to the mat. Laid out, Auswell groans in pain as Steel mounts his chest flexing and pec bouncing his meaty pecs. "Feel strong now? I'm gonna snap that arm!" threatens Steel wrapping Auswell in a tight headlock SQUEEZING his arm between his tree-trunk quads. Auswell screams in pain and is dragged to his feet; his arms WRENCHED behind his back as he struggles to break free. A brutal gut punch sends Auswell crumbling to the mat gasping for air. The dominant Steel lays on top of the rookie pinning him down and GRINDS his forearm across Auswell's face! An intense struggle has Auswell fighting to his knees as Steel locks on a guillotine choke. The air quickly rushing from his lungs, Auswell spins out and SLAMS Steel down so hard he flies off the mat. Down on the ground, both wrestlers battle for control as Steel rolls the rookie over in a one-leg Boston crab. In agony, Auswell claws the mat powerless to escape until he is let go. Ready for payback, Auswell takes Steel down in a tight sleeper and mounts his abs CHOKING Steel with his own bulging bicep! Struggling for air, Steel's strength begins to fade as the rookie wraps both hands tight around his throat. "This is what a real man feels like; hard and lean!" flexes Auswell. "Those tiny little biceps and triceps!" groans Steel struggling to recover. The battle for the best body continues with Steel and Auswell trying to destroy each other in belly to belly bearhugs, vicious sleepers, and SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors! Hard and lean or big and beefy...place your Vegas bets!