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Steel vs Bart - Vegas Battles 21

Steel vs Bart - Vegas Battles 21

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

“I’m gonna show you who’s more dominant. I’m more dominant. You understand me?”

Bart is a recent addition to the Thunder’s Arena roster, but he’s already been making waves with the other wrestlers.  Now he’s travelled to Vegas to take on the massive Steel in an outdoors match!

The two start at poolside, checking out each other’s physique.  Steel, in red trunks, has put on more size (!) and is showing off his biceps, asking Bart where his are!  Bart, wearing tight blue Calvins, says he has them, but that he also has “this” pointing to his impressive glutes.  Not one to be out done in anything, Steel flexes his glutes, hitting them with his hand to show how solid they are!  Bart beckons Steel onto the mat and the two men lock up.  Steel slaps on a crushing side headlock, giving Bart his first taste of what all that muscle can do!  Bart cries out as his head is crushed between the bicep and rock-hard body of Steel!  But Bart has some serious mat skills and manages to twist out, levering Steels arm and slapping on a headlock of his own.  Bart cranks it on, grinding Steel’s face against his pec!  But Steel powers his way out of the hold, lifting Bart up and taking him down to the mat.  Steel mounts Bart, tying up his arm and stretching out his shoulder – Bart is yelling in pain, but he doesn’t give in!  Instead, he manages to roll them over and slaps a pin on Steel, hooking the bodybuilder’s leg and immobilising him on the mat!  But Bart gets cocky and starts flexing, giving Steel the opening he was looking for to shove Bart away – Bart suddenly finds himself in Steel’s Camel Clutch!  Steel’s muscles bulge and veins pop as he pulls back on the cocky new guy!  Steel rolls Bart over onto his back, mounting him for a muscular Schoolboy pin – Bart is forced to look up at the musclehunk as he flexes!  Steel goes for a choke, but quick as a flash Bart escapes and slaps a knee bar on Steel!  Steel’s face is a picture of pain as Bart flips him over into a single-leg Crab – Bart trash talks Steel but the bodybuilder ignores him, choosing instead to focus on powering out!  He does, sending Bart crashing to the mat, with Steel slapping on a leg lock of his own!  The two trade locks, working on each other’s legs – Bart works Steel’s ankle, but Steel wrenches Bart’s legs far apart!  A full ankle-lock has Bart demanding that Steel give, but the bodybuilder escapes!  Sitting on Bart’s back, Steel cranks on a single-leg Crab, trying to rip apart Bart’s knee!  But Steel leaves his ankle vulnerable and the skilled wrestler seizes his opportunity, again attacking the ankle and forcing Steel to let go of the hold!

Bart goes on the attack, grabbing both of Steel’s legs and going for a full Boston Crab, but Steel grabs his head and flips him over before mounting him and slapping on a choke hold.  Steel decides to again attack the arm, trying to wrench Bart’s arm out of its socket!  A crippling bearhug from Steel has Bart on display and in agony as Steel’s massive muscles crush his ribs!  Steel throws Steel to the mat, stomping him for good measure, but Bart isn’t done yet – he goes for the legs, bringin Steel down and clamps on another leg lock.  This time, Bart attacks the knee, digging the point of his elbow into the soft tissue!  Steel throws his head back as he tries to take the torture – he manages to pull Bart back and grabs his arm, again working on the shoulder.  Steel is amped, switching to a headscissor – Bart is in trouble, but he’s able to roll out and escape!  Bart hammers Steel’s arm and pulls his head back, demanding that he look at the camera – but Steel manages to throw him off and clamps on a tight Sleeper hold, his huge bicep crushing Bart’s neck!

This one goes back and forth as we see the ultimate match of Skill & Strength vs Muscle & Raw Power!  Will the mighty Steel’s muscle mass win the day?  Or will Bart’s incredible mat skills cause an upset?  Well, we might have to wait until the rematch to find out for sure as an unexpected, explosive and hilarious incident cut this awesome match short! Add to your collection today!