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Steel vs Blayne - Mat Wars 77

Steel vs Blayne - Mat Wars 77

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Ultimate Fanboy Match!

Here’s something you might not know – Blayne is a HUGE fan of Steel.  When Blayne sets eyes on Steel, he’s practically gushing – “I know that physique – oh my God, you’re Steel!  I’m your biggest fan!”  Steel works incredibly hard on his body and he’s used to people staring.  “Can you show me some moves?” asks Blayne.  “You want to see some moves?  I’ll show you some.  I’ll have some fun with you!”  With that, Steel slaps on a front facelock, his huge arms wrapped around Blayne’s neck.  Steel switches to a full nelson.  Blayne takes the pain – “it hurts a little, but I really like that it’s you”.  The bodybuilder gives Blayne a free shot, inviting him to give it everything he has – Blayne almost breaks his hand on Steel’s brick wall!  He tries again, but Steel barely feels it!  He takes Blayne down and turns him over for a Boston Crab, bending Blayne like a pretzel!  Then Steel makes Blayne’s dreams (soon to be nightmares!) come true by trapping his head between Steel’s world-famous quads of, well, steel!  The bodybuilder flexes and tenses every muscle as he CRUSHES Blayne’s head!  Steel racks Blayne over his shoulders – “Who’s your f***ing Daddy now, son?”  Blayne is dropped to the mat, with Steel following down for a schoolboy pin!  Blayne isn’t fazed – “I got the best seat in the house!”

“Flex for me” Blayne wants to see Steel flex is awesome arms.  Steel obliges, literally beating Blayne with his bulging bis!  Steel decides to see how far he can push things, shoving his foot into Blayne’s face!  A PULVERISING bearhug from Steel has Blayne crying out in the ultimate mix of pleasure and pain!  Steel is just OBLITERATING the fanboy!  Running Clothesline!  Blayne barely has time to recover before Steel scoops him up for an Over the Knee Backbreaker!  Steel is impressed – “I’ve never seen a bitch like you take so much pain!”  Leg locks, single-leg crab, and multiple DEVASTATING Gorilla Presses leave Blayne in absolute agony! Finally the pain overtakes the pleasure and Blayne begs the bodybuilder to stop!  “Ok, I’m sorry – but you’re still my favourite!”  Suddenly Marco enters – seems he heard what was going on and is taking umbrage with Steel being Blayne’s favourite, and a jealous Marco is never a good idea!

A Two on One beatdown ensues, with Blayne stuck between a hard place and the rock-hard muscle of Steel!  Bearhugs, choke lifts, ab bashing and much more.  Who does Blayne go with?  We’re not going to spoil the ending here – you’ll just have to see for yourself!