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thunders arena wrestling

Steel vs Bolt and Scrappy - Vegas Battles 37

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Bolt and Scrappy start out by flexing and posing together. They're both bragging about how good they think they look and trying to outdo each other with a flex-off. As much as they try to one-up each other with their muscles, they outdo each other with their cocky arrogance too: neither of them will stop talking about how good looking they think they are or how perfect their bodies are, and they both keep kissing their biceps every chance they get. Although they keep things pretty friendly between them, they both have such big egos they can't help aiming a few insults at each other, as well as pinching any fat on the other guy's body or claiming there's a bad smell from the other guy's sweaty armpits. When the insults reach a point where they both get annoyed and neither can agree who's better looking, they call a truce and decide to get somebody else to decide which of them looks better: Steel.

Bolt and Scrappy start bothering Steel while he is trying to relax. They make a nuisance of themselves by flexing and showing off to try and impress him, both hoping he will say they are the better looking one. But Steel is NOT impressed with either of them and tells them they're both just little "pretty boy" wannabes and not true Alpha males. Bolt and Scrappy insist they are real men and flex either side of Steel, but get intimidated when he flexes back at them. Steel makes fun of them and says they only have muscles to look good and he bets they aren't even very strong, so Bolt tries to prove himself with a test of strength. Steel easily beats him in seconds, then takes on Scrappy who only fares a little better. Steel starts using just one hand but still has the advantage on Scrappy using both of his. When Bolt recovers, he joins back in so that Steel has both Bolt's hands in one hand and both Scrappy's hands in his other - yet Steel is still easily winning the test of strength against both of them at once. He defeats them both then flexes while they recover. Bolt and Scrappy complain that Steel's arms are huge so tests of strength are what he's best at, but the rest of him isn't so strong. They think their legs are stronger than his, so Steel agrees to test his leg strength against theirs. They sit down facing each other and Bolt puts one of his feet against one of Steel's, Scrappy puts one of his feet against one of Steel's, and they leg wrestle to try and push each other back. Bolt and Scrappy try their best but Steel manages to overpower them both again and bowls them both over. He once again flexes while they can't believe he beat them again.

Scrappy and Bolt are sore losers and try to make Steel pay for embarrassing them by attacking him while he's flexing. Bolt jumps on his back and tries to choke him while Scrappy pounds his abs. But Steel is not too concerned by their attacks and even starts flexing while they are trying to get him! Bolt and Scrappy panic for a second or two but then decide to switch: Scrappy goes behind Steel and tries to choke him while Bolt starts punching and kicking at Steel's abs. They still aren't very successful and Steel finally throws Scrappy off of him and into Bolt, knocking them both down. Steel then goes to work on the two of them, manhandling them both and stretching them out - double Boston crabs, double Camel clutches, and double Bear hugs if all are possible. Scrappy and Bolt start begging for mercy, saying they are sorry and that they won't bother him any more. But Steel is having too much fun beating the "pretty boy wimps" to go back to sunbathing now. He starts beating up one while the other tries to crawl or run away, only for Steel to catch the escapee and drag him back; then the other tries to escape while Steel is beating up his partner, but Steel catches him and drags him back as well.

Steel is sweating from being out in the sun so humiliates Bolt and Scrappy by mopping his armpits with their faces. When they act disgusted, he points out that neither of them smell too good either, and then rubs Scrappy's face in Bolt's armpit, followed by Bolt's face in Scrappy's. Bolt and Scrappy are even more disgusted and admit that smelled worse than Steel's. But Steel isn't done and grabs Scrappy by the ankles while he is trying to crawl away; he drags him closer to Bolt, then shoves Bolt's face down onto Scrappy's sweaty feet. Bolt can't take it and gives up. Scrappy thinks that's it: Bolt submitted so it's over. Steel has other ideas and grabs Scrappy's head so he can force his face down against Bolt's feet. Scrappy freaks out and submits as well. Steel then poses over them, while Scrappy and Bolt lay there defeated. They think it's over at last... but just as Steel is about to leave, he remembers they asked him a question before: which of them looks better? Neither Bolt or Scrappy are in much of a condition to care anymore but Steel pulls them both to their feet and makes them stand there flexing. They are not very enthusiastic and when Steel asks them why they aren't bragging about themselves anymore, Bolt and Scrappy both admit that Steel has shown them up. He scares them both into admitting they are weak, they stink, they're losers, etc, then grabs them both in a double choke hold to knock them out, wrapping an arm around each of their necks until they pass out at the same time. Steel stacks unconscious Bolt on top of unconscious Scrappy, then poses and flexes in victory over them with his foot on Bolt's chest.


PS - this match is filmed in "webm" format which means you download the video after purchase THEN drag and drop the video file into any Chrome or Firefox web browser to view video after purchase and download.  The quality is ULTA HD and worth watching!  It's cutting edge best format we can deliver to you just remember to open the video file with your web browser Chrome or Firefox and watch it play.  

Will play on any iPhone or iPad or Android as well inside of a Chrome or Firefox web browser as well.