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Steel vs Bull - Ring Wars 86

$ 29.95

"Look at this f***ing guy, do you wanna borrow some of my fat?" mocks Steel flexing his beefy frame compared to the shredded muscle giant. "I could. You got any carbs? I'm a little low!" Bull joins in as the titans compare their powerful pythons. "Your biceps could be a little bigger! These big guys coming in here thinking they can wrestle; bet I could whoop your a** right now!" threatens Steel. "That's wishful thinking!" Both decide on a test of strength dropping to the floor for an arm-wrestling match. "I'll show you what a man does with this s**t!" declares Steel. Locked in tight, the goliaths' bulging biceps flex harder and harder going back and forth. "You're a little stronger than I thought!" groans Bull finally pulling out the win. "I got a little shoulder injury; you got my weak arm!" flexes Steel challenging the behemoth to switch arms. Round two gets even hotter; their veins pulsate to the max ready to explode under the intense pressure as Steel claims the victory. "You got me on my torn bicep arm!" declares Bull standing to his feet. "You can make excuses all day; you gotta outweigh me by at least 50lbs. I'm strong as f**k!" flexes Steel. "I'm hearing a whole lotta talk; I just let this speak for itself!" taunts Bull flexing back. Tied up, the titans settle the score with a wrestling match quickly locking up in a massive mercy challenge! "Look at those veins popping out; why you trying so hard?" mocks Steel driving the big man to his knees. His blood boiling, the raging Bull gets up LAUNCHING the arrogant vet into the turnbuckle breaking their grips. Both muscle hunks gasp for air winded from the intense struggle. "Got you working hard! I think you're avoiding the a** kicking, trying to play games!" taunts Steel. "I got a little sweat going; I love games!" brags Bull. "Here's my little game right here!" yells Steel SLAMMING the behemoth into the turnbuckle shaking the ring! "Let's see how hard those abs are!" The muscle hunk POUNDS away and rams his boulder shoulder into Bull's shredded abs as he screams in pain barely able to stand. "Feel like you're some kind of tough guy? You're a little red. I think it's over; you're done!" declares Steel turning his back on the big man flexing a beefy double bicep. Incredibly, Bull recovers and barrels in for a NECK-BREAKING full nelson and crushing belly to back bearhug! "Ahh my back!" screams Steel powerless to escape the giant's clutches. "You like these games; trying to kick my a**?" The mountain of muscle SQUEEZES harder as the beefy bodybuilder crumbles to the floor holding his aching abs. "That's quality muscle!" flexes Bull admiring his own physique. Steel struggles to his feet and sends the behemoth CRASHING into the ropes with a surprise gut punch! Dazed, the big man suffers a powerful full nelson and is mercilessly stretched out over the top rope. The dominant Steel climbs outside the ring wrapping his bulging bicep around the giant's throat as he gasps for air. "Can you breathe still? That's a bicep; look at that s**t!" flexes Steel then HAMMERS away at the big man's chest yanking him farther over the rope. Bull's eyes roll to the back of his head as the 260 pounder collapses to the ring nearly passing out and is met with a thunderous leg drop. "You're gonna feel how huge these quads are! I'm gonna squeeze the f**k out of you!" threatens Steel dragging the motionless behemoth into a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! Screams of agony fill the arena as the muscle hunk flexes squeezing his tree-trunk quads tighter and tighter, "Turning black and blue, I thought you were strong? Big giant getting choked out!" Bull's face turns red from the intense pressure, but he narrowly escapes his impending doom. "I'm not done with you yet!" This brutal battle of the best biceps heats up: meathook clothesline, powerful full nelson, agonizing back stretch, a BREATHTAKING dragon sleeper! It all leads up to a final sinister promise, "Time for you to die!"