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Steel vs Cash - Bodybuilder Battle 153

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

"I've been waiting on your a** all day to get off that f***ing phone!" yells a PISSED OFF Steel ready to crack some skulls! "I'm talking business; you got a problem? Let me call you right back!" Cash hangs up taunting the angry vet and flops his beefy pec with his hand. "F***ing new guys, you just touch me?" The muscle hunks tie up as Steel headlocks his prey down to the mat wrapping his quads of steel around his skull YANKING off his shirt exposing his chiseled abs. "It's mine now!" "You wanted to get my shirt off man, that's all you gotta say! Get that a** kicked!" threatens Cash tackling the beefy vet as Steel bearhugs him back FLIPPING him over on the mat. "You're heavier than you look!" groans the ripped hunk; his back crushed under the weight of the muscle beast's knee! "What did you say?" taunts Steel wrenching his arm in a hammerlock and pulling off his shorts for a THUNDEROUS leg drop! Struggling to catch his breath, Cash slowly gets up, "These abs are rock-solid baby; look a little fluffy there big guy!" mocks the chiseled hulk patting Steel's beefy abs tripping him to the mat. "Where's those biceps at now huh? Come on boy!" taunts Cash mounting the burly beast pinning his arms above his head. Steel explodes in a fit of rage powering out, drags the shredded stud to the wall, and POUNDS away at his rock-hard abs, "Stand up! You wanna wrestle the big boys?" Gasping for air, Cash crumbles to his knees as the muscle beast locks on a quick standing head scissors then hoists him up for an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug. "Hate to be you right now!" taunts Steel dropping his prey nearly breaking his neck then flexes a beefy double bicep. "I needed my back cracked!" moans Cash. "What'd you say? You need your back cracked?" The burly vet clamps on a guillotine choke, HAMMERS his ripped back, then delivers a crushing belly to belly bearhug! Struggling to breathe under the meaty muscle, the chiseled hunk crumbles to the mat barely moving. Hungry for revenge, Cash recovers and sweeps the beast off his feet, mounts his abs pinning him down, and SMOTHERS his face with his beefy pecs, "Payback for that back breaker earlier!" In control, he rolls Steel to his belly yanking back on his meaty pecs and thick neck as he screams in pain; his face ruthlessly DRIVEN into the ground! The burly beast battles back wrapping his powerful pythons around the hunk in a crushing front bearhug, "Feel those big a** arms!" "You're killing me!" screams Cash as a vicious dirty trick takes Steel down; his Popeye sized arm WRENCHED nearly out of socket. "Want it harder?" Unable to handle the excruciating pain, the vet feverishly taps out completely gassed. Hold on tight as the fight down on the mat gets even more intense: crossbody arm bar, two-handed choke, leg stretch, dirty trick, CRIPPLING camel clutch! Both muscle hunks mount their opponent's abs and chests pinning each other down playing king of the hill. "Stay in your place!" orders Steel. "How about that big boy, get my big a** off you now!" taunts Cash smacking the vet's beefy glutes. Back on their feet, Steel takes control wrapping his meathook hands around the chiseled vet in a DEVASTATING chokelift! Helpless to escape, Cash is soon let go and pinned tight in a brutal ab stretch! "Look at those solid abs; I'm kind of jealous. You might have the best abs in Thunders, but they ain't enough!" taunts Steel DRILLING his shredded abs harder and harder. "I'll let you borrow a couple of em!" groans Cash gasping for air as he's dropped in a grueling over-the-knee back breaker! "My abs are so soar!" The camera zooms in making you feel part of the torturous hold; beefy muscle dripping with sweat right in your face! "Damn I'm good!" flexes Steel before unleashing his SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors. The intense pressure builds as Cash's face turns red collapsing down barely conscious. "Stop fighting, or I'm gonna punch you!" orders Steel obsessed with his victim's shredded abs. The non-stop action rages on: gut punches, tight full nelson, sleepers, dirty trick, leg stretch, chokeslam, and one of the HOTTEST holds you have ever seen! "Stay down!...That's the last thing you're gonna dream about!"