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Chase bear hugs Steel (aka Joey Sullivan)

Steel vs Chase - Vegas Battles 01

$ 34.75

After Marco’s big win in Vegas last year, an impromptu match became one of our most popular videos of the year – so much so that we decided to go back!  Wow, you’ll be glad we did!

The mighty Steel takes on mat veteran Chase in this sun-drenched rooftop clash!  Dispensing with any pleasantries, the two get straight into it, locking up and testing each other.  The action is fast and furious with Steel getting behind and catching Chase in a Rear Bear Hug!  Before he can crank on the pressure, the wily Chase escapes out and whirls behind Steel, wrapping the muscle hunk up in a tight Full Nelson!  Steel’s muscles flex and bulge as he cranks out a Most Muscular, breaking free from the hold!  He stumbles to the ground, which Chase takes full advantage of, pounding on Steel’s lats with forearms and elbows!  Steel was not expecting this onslaught!  Chase continues the beatdown with a Rear Bear Hug of his own and a devastating leaping elbow strike!  The two men go to lock up again, but a cheap forearm shot to the massive pecs of Steel has him reeling – Chase wraps the bodybuilder up in an Ab Stretch, Steel’s massive muscles stretched to breaking point!

A blatantly illegal choke gets Steel the advantage, following up with a Rear Choke on the veteran wrestler!  Chase is discovering first-hand the power in Steel’s biceps as he flexes and crushes poor Chase’s neck!  Steel let’s Chase go, eager to punish him some more for the earlier beatdown!  Steel stalks Chase like a Terminator!  A NASTY Bear Hug from Steel has Chase flailing and screaming in desperation!  A Full Nelson from the powerhouse and Chase is trapped again, screaming in agony as his head is inexorably pushed down by Steel’s powerful arms.  Chase escapes, but Steel is right on him, not giving him a chance to regroup!  A VICIOUS figure-four headscissor has Chase on the verge of passing out!  Steel traps Chase in an arm bar, his veins standing out in stark relief against his muscle as he strains to pull Chase’s arm out of its socket!  There is clearly no love lost between these two!

These guys aren’t afraid to lock on a hold and keep it on, wearing the other down bit by bit.  Hold after hold, counter after counter, neither wrestler is in the mood to lose!  A mid-match flex-off in the Vegas sun is stunning – Steel is truly an amazing young man!

The match moves to the pool and Chase locks his legs around the massive chest of Steel, crushing the breath out of the bodybuilder!  Bear hugs, nelsons, headlocks, scissors, this match will have you guessing right up to the end!  A maniacally brutal ending leaves one wrestler exhausted and beaten!  Get this awesome match today and see for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!