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Steel vs Duke - Mat Wars 78

Steel vs Duke - Mat Wars 78

$ 31.25

Battle of the Buff Boys!

“Gonna tear you apart now, son…”

Duke, in yellow trunks, is outside on the mats, warming up before his match with the awesome Steel!  Steel starts in on the trash talk right away – “You pumping up to get your ass kicked?”  The two bodybuilders compare biceps, each trying to eclipse the other.  Duke’s arms are impressive, but Steel’s are out of this world!  Already sweating in the Florida sunshine, Steel starts in for a bearhug on Duke, lifting him up off the mat – right off the bat, Duke feels the power that Steel at his command!  Switching to a rear bearhug, Steel piles the pressue on Duke’s ribs – from the look on Duke’s face, you can see he’s already suffering!  Steel hauls Duke up onto his shoulders, but it’s way too early for that – Duke fires shots into Steel’s chest, forcing him down to the mat where Duke proceeds to wrap his THICK legs around Steel’s head for a tight scissor hold!  Steel manages to escape, but he got the message loud and clear!  Suddenly, Duke fires a cheap shot into Steel’s balls!  Taking advantage, Duke mounts Steel for a schoolboy pin, flexing his biceps!  Steel is furious and batters his way out of the hold.  “I’ll show you how to do a headscissors, son.”  Steel goes for his trademark standing headscissor, but Duke has obviously done his homework – he reaches up and grabs Steel’s crotch, forcing the bodybuilder to relinquish the hold!  This is getting nasty!

The two musclegods trade blows back and forth as they battle for dominance with chokes, headlocks, scissors and nelsons.  A pumping bodyscissor from Steel has Duke in pain!  The battle takes a turn for the dirtier with mutual ball shots!

But Steel has a surprise in store for Duke, and he’s not gonna like it – Iceman18 has come to help out in Steel’s corner!  Duke did not sign up for a two-on-one handicap match!  Iceman18 pins Duke’s arms behind his back and Steel unloads blow after blow on Duke’s wide-open body!  Over and over again, Steel just blasts into Duke’s brick wall – with Iceman18 holding him in place, Duke has nowhere to go!  But Duke refuses to give in – even Steel is impressed with how much he’s taking!  Duke’s midsection is red raw from the absolute battering he just took, but Steel and his sidekick aren’t done yet!  Iceman18 carries Duke to the centre of the mat, bringing him down over his knee for a backbreaker!  Duke is trapped and wide open again as Steel resumes his attack!  Duke has no choice but to give!  Duke is in real trouble now as Steel reapplies his Standing Headscissor, but with Iceman18 having gone after the first submission, it’s one-on-one again – and Duke has no problem with resorting back to dirty moves!  Steel suddenly finds himself locked in Duke’s bearhug!  The tide looks like it has turned when Iceman18 sees his buddy is in trouble and runs back in to help!

Bearhugs, scissors, nelsons, a whole lot of flexing and more!  Can Duke withstand the combined onslaught of Steel AND Iceman18?  Can Iceman18 mind his own business and keep out of the match?  Will Duke be forced to submit again, or can he hold out and come back?    Get it today and find out!