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Steel (Joey Sullivan) gets Eagle in a mean headlock

Steel vs Eagle - Vegas Battles 05

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

This is the one you’ve been waiting for!  Fan favourite Eagle vs the mighty Steel, one on one under the Vegas sun!  These two muscle gods start out with a classic posedown, flexing and comparing their stunning physiques.  Steel looking ripped in miniscule briefs, Eagle thick and powerful in tight trunks - either of these men could be the zenith of physical perfection, but which one?  Who is the Zeus of Thunder’s Olympus?  Naturally, their competitive instincts take over!  Eagle asks Steel if he’s any good at wrestling, to which Steel points to the mat – “let’s find out!”  It’s not that straight forward though – Eagle wants to prove his superiority at everything, not just wrestling!  He challenges Steel to a game of ‘Putt-Putt’, which Steel accepts.  What follows is the sexiest round of Putt-Putt you will ever see – the camera lingers over every muscle, every pec as the two men battle with clubs and balls.  Eagle narrowly scrapes out a victory – you can see Steel getting annoyed and frustrated until he can’t hold it in anymore – BAM!  Steel slugs Eagle in the midsection with the head of his club!  Another to Eagle’s back!  Eagle collapses to the floor, but Steel won’t let him stay that way for long, picking the high-flying hunk up and slapping a crushing BEAR HUG on him!  Eagle’s spine is warping as Steel carries him in the hug to the mats, before throwing him down – Steel is ready for the REAL CONTEST to begin!

Steel clubs the base of Eagle’s skull and gets him in a twisting face lock, taking him to the mat with Steel’s forearm across Eagle’s throat!  Steel chokes Eagle but there’s no submission.  The two men get to their feet, with Steel getting there first.  He launches himself at Eagle, wrapping his legs around Eagle’s midsection for a crushing body scissors!  But Steel should have done his homework – that’s Eagle’s signature move and he can see it a mile off!  Before Steel can lock his legs for the squeeze, Eagle counters with an almighty bear hug, Steel dangling high off the ground in Eagle’s powerful arms!  Steel struggles hard and manages to break free – in desperation, he grabs Eagle’s head and rams it against one of the stone plinths!  WHAM!  Eagle is reeling from the brutal blast as Steel wraps him in a headlock, his bulging bicep crushing Eagle’s neck!  Eagle is no slouch on the mats though, escaping Steel’s clutches and catching him in a full nelson!  Steel is in agony as he tries to flex his way out of the hold as he has done so many times in the past.  But Eagle is a far different opponent from the smaller guys Steel has wrestled before!  Eventually he breaks free, turning straight around to give Eagle a taste of his own nelson!  These two are going at it like gladiators of old!

The camera switches to the arrival of White Tiger, who arrives just in time to see Steel tackle Eagle to the mat, grounding him with a cross body press and arm lock!  Eagle manages to roll over, ending up on top of Steel in a schoolboy pin, flexing before shifting to a cross arm bar on the ripped stud.  Back and forth they go with Boston Crabs, head locks, arm locks, cheap shots – Steel eventually traps Eagle in an extremely painful hybrid Crucifix Clutch hold!  Eagle has no choice but to submit or be ripped in half!

Round Two begins and Eagle is pissed!  Powering out of a front face lock, Eagle slams Steel to the mat, kicking and stomping his massive muscles into mush!  Eagle wrestles like he’s possessed, manhandling Steel into hold after hold until he eventually gets the equalising submission with a skull-crushing standing head scissors!  The power in Eagle’s quads is legendary!

A quad-off interlude gives way to Round Three!  This is more than a match, it’s a battle between two Alpha’s for Thunder’s bragging rights!  A mind-blowing RKO INTO THE POOL is the beginning of the end for one muscle stud!  Buy this superb match today to find out who reigns supreme and who is left humiliated in the shallow end!  This is truly one for the record books!