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body builders full nelson each other

Steel vs Finn McCool - Vegas Battles 17

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Steel Returns to Vegas!

Yes, you read that right – Steel is back and he’s bigger and better than ever!  When he arrived at Thunder’s Arena, Steel proved he was deserving of the top spot on the roster – he took on all comers and used his skill and phenomenal muscle to claim an impressive number of checks in his win column.  Now, after a short sabbatical, Steel has returned to the Arena to take on any challengers and reclaim his place – starting with Finn McCool!

The match opens with both men ready and raring to go.  Steel, in tiny yellow trunks, asks one word: “Ready?”  The two lunge in for a lock-up, with Steel getting the advantage and taking Finn down to the mat for a headlock.  Steel pull’s hard on the hold, letting Finn know what he’s in for!  They get to their feet and Steel is right back on the attack, clamping on a side headlock, his biceps bulging as he locks it down tight on the rookie wrestler!  Steel rams Finn’s head between his thighs, lifting him up into an upside down bearhug before ramming him down to the mat!  Steel drops down onto Finn’s chest in a schoolboy pin, forcing him to look up at his incredible physique!  Steel reaches down for Finn’s arm, slapping on a brutal arm lock and threatening to snap it!  Steel isn’t taking any prisoners as they lock up again and Finn finds himself again slammed to the mat with his head trapped.  Steel’s arms are massive, with an impressive split on the bicep peak, but Finn manages to resist the urge to submit!  Steel tries to go for another arm lock, but Finn McCool is no slouch in the strength department – he blocks the hold, forcing Steel to try something else!  Steel switches instead to a neck-pulverising Full Nelson, all his rock-hard muscle bearing down on Finn!  The sadistic Steel shakes him from side to side, but Finn flexes out!  Steel doesn’t miss a beat as he immediately switches to a rear bearhug, slamming Finn back down – Steel is all over Finn McCool, determined to send a message to the rest of the locker room!

A Spladle hold has Finn in trouble, but Steel hasn’t got it locked on, allowing Finn to escape and clamp on a revenge Full Nelson of his own!  Finn is clearly no stranger to the gym himself, pressing down HARD on the hold.  Steel suffers as Finn tries to keep the hold locked, but Steel prises Finn’s hands apart and escapes!  The enraged bodybuilder whirls around, wrapping his bulging arms around Finn to show him a REAL bearhug!  Steel crushes his prey, lifting him off the mat as Finn feels his ribs bend from the excruciating pressure!  Steel dumps Finn to the mat, setting him up for one his favourite moves – the dreaded Standing Headscissor!  Steel’s fearsome legs are like Granite Redwoods, capable of pulverising a man into oblivion!  Finn is in serious, serious trouble as Steel ramps up the power, toppling to the mat and straightening out his legs to increase the pain even more!  To his credit, Finn doesn’t give in!  Steel eventually releases the hold, letting Finn get to his feet.

The action comes thick and fast the two men battle each other.  Steel slaps on his arm lock, but Finn counters out and pins Steel to the mat!  Steel tries to use his strength to power out, but Finn has science on his side, using his position to keep Steel trapped on his back!  The holds and moves just keep coming – grinding bearhugs, leg locks, nelsons – a single-leg crab has Steel trying to rip Finn’s knee apart!  Steel tries to switch to a full Boston Crab, but Finn blocks and counters with a TIGHT headscissor of his own!  A bearhug contest finds the two musclestuds pec-to-pec as they put the SQUEEZE on each other!  Will Steel put the challenger away, or will Finn pull off an upset victory?  A humiliating ten-count pin seals one wrestler’s fate!  You do not want to miss this one!