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thunders wrestling head scissors

Steel vs Fuego - Battlespace 121

$ 34.75

Fuego is pumped and ready to take on Steel. "Let's see who ends up on top!" says the newbie. "I'm tired of you rookie's coming in here!" Steel bearhugs Fuego from behind shaking him up and down. "Lucky start!" Fuego breaks out and bearhugs back. These muscle bulls aren't messing around! Steel locks in a standing guillotine choke, "Come on give!" Incredibly, Fuego escapes throwing the vet over his shoulder on the mat and into a tight arm lock, "I'll break your shoulder!" Steel rolls out, "Strong little rookie!"
"Let's see how much pain you can take son?" Quadzilla aka Steel locks Fuego in a massive head scissors. "You're gonna go lights out; you better tap!" Shockingly, the rookie rolls out, "It's not gonna be that easy!" Steel flexes his bulging biceps. Fuego laughs, "Those arms are ok. The legs, do you have any muscle in there or is it all fat?" Steel isn't intimidated, "These arms are as big as your legs son. You got Vienna sausages right there!" The battle rages on: takedowns, leg locks, head scissors! Fuego's sweat has these muscle beasts slipping and sliding all over the mat. Both exchange massive rear bearhugs! Steel flexes his Popeye arms, "Maybe I need to just wrap these arms around your neck and squeeze until you're blue in the face!" Fuego flexes, "I think they wanna see some real biceps!" 
They lock up. Fuego gets a takedown and head scissors the vet. Steel is in pure agony under the pressure, "Ahh these quads!" He is totally gassed! Fuego takes advantage and BODYSLAMS Steel locking in an arm bar. "Come on tiny, let's see you get out of this one!" Steel shows his vet strength and rolls out. The rookie's goes for a GUILLOTINE but can't get it locked in. "What do you got marshmallow?" mocks Fuego. Steel locks in a tight head scissors, but the sweaty rookie slides out. "Not as strong as they look, a lot of space between those legs!"
Steel delivers an over the knee BACK BREAKER and locks in a sleeper. Fuego GATOR ROLLS Steel to escape and chokes the vet with his own arm adding a body scissor. "These legs are like boa constrictors. Every time you take a breath, I'm gonna squeeze harder!" Steel struggles but breaks away and picks up the rookie in a tight bearhug, "Lite little boy!" "I'm surprised you can even carry me!" mocks Fuego. Steel goes for another over the knee back breaker. "On this small leg?" Fuego is feeling the pain and thrown down!
The rookie locks in a body scissor/arm bar. "Pretty soft bicep. How does it feel being squeezed by those python legs?" asks Fuego. Steel is winded but escapes. These muscle monsters are nowhere near done with fireman's carries, scissors, Boston crabs, and sleepers! The passed out loser will be pushed into the pool JOLTING them awake! Who will come out on top? This back-and-forth muscle battle will have you guessing to the end!