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Steel vs Gino - Vegas Battles 86

$ 31.25

Beefy pecs, tree-trunk quads, bulging biceps...an argument over food ERUPTS into a battle of the big boys! Angry, Gino finds out Steel ate breakfast without him and challenges Steel to a pose off with the loser buying dinner. "I got 40lbs on you; I'm way bigger!" flexes Gino. "I've been doing this so long; it don't matter how big you are!" taunts Steel. Battling for the spotlight, both wrestlers argue over who won the pose off as Gino barrels in with a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. "I'm gonna squeeze the money out of you!" threatens Gino; his 21 inch biceps dig in deep as Steel groans in pain and is SHAKEN around. Gasping for air, Steel crumbles to the mat but soon recovers jumping on Gino's back with a surprise sleeper! The 260lbs Gino struggles to stay on his feet as Steel SQUEEZES his rock-hard bicep tighter and tighter. Grunting and groaning, Gino drops to his knees nearly passing out and FLIPS Steel onto his back with an over-the-shoulder takedown! Barely moving, Steel is wrapped up in a powerful sleeper and yanked back into a scissor/sleeper combo. "I can't breathe!" coughs Steel; the air quickly rushing from his lungs. "I'm gonna break you in half!" threatens Gino releasing his sleeper and SQUEEZING his massive quads harder and harder! Steel screams in pain as he is rolled side to side in the body scissors on the mat. Desperate to break free, Steel pries apart Gino's legs barely able to get up. A massive mercy challenge has Gino and Steel WRENCHING their arms down in their viselike grips forcing each other to their knees. "I warned you!" threatens Steel overpowering Gino onto his back dragging him into a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! The intense pressure has Gino screaming in agony collapsing on his face. Steel straddles Gino and yanks back on his arms STRETCHING Gino out farther and farther! The veins in Steel's arms nearly burst as Gino's gorilla-sized chest is ready to rip apart! Gino crumbles to the ground completely gassed as Steel flexes in victory. A surprise NECK-BREAKING full nelson has Steel swung around in Gino's powerful pythons. Steel flexes harder and harder finally breaking away but is dragged into a grueling ab stretch! His chiseled abs nearly torn apart, Steel begs for mercy as Gino SMACKS Steel's abs with his meathook hand and lifts Steel in an over-the-knee back breaker! The brutal back-and-forth battle continues with a triangle choke, gut punches, stomps to the abs, torture rack, guillotine choke, and CRUSHING standing head scissors! Who will be left standing?