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Steel lifts and carries Iceman18 into a bear hug on thunders arena

Steel vs Iceman18 - Cyber Monday 2017

$ 34.75

Cyber Monday Event - this match is ONLY on sale for Monday then it goes into the vault! Matches bundled total 27 minutes!!

This is a buy 1 get 1 FREE deal.

1st match you are buying is to watch Steel and Iceman18 meet in the living room and wrestle off and flex off to see who is the best at Thunder's.  Watch them bearhug each other  to see who is the strongest!  Plus lots of other great moves like head scissors to see who has stronger thighs, there are quite a few test of strength wrestling moves with flex off stuff.

Later that day, the rivalry is taken outside into the pool for a water match!!

2nd match you are getting included for FREE, on Cyber Monday is the pool match, watch them splash and destroy each other with all kinds of creative holds.  Full nelsons, chicken wings, more bearhugs, and even some choking and attempts at drowning each other it gets very intense!

 *Production Note - unfortunately our scuba gear for recording underwater match did not pick up and record the audio of the wrestlers very well. We have added awesome music to accompany the wrestling, the shots of the water match were too cool and amazing to lose!  It really is a sexy wrestling music video you don't want to miss!