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Jack Beaver flexes his biceps while pinning Steel to the mat at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Steel vs Jack Beaver - Battlespace 123

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Steel flexes his powerful pythons and tree trunk quads, "Look at that. That's a man, about to take out another newb!" Rookie Beaver walks in, "You here to get beat?" Steel laughs, "Little skinny newb, looks like you just jumped off the swim team son. Need to get some meat on your bones." Beaver isn't intimidated, "I can handle it. I got crazy grip strength!" "Let's see!"
They lock up in one hand game of mercy. Steel groans, and Beaver appears to be winning. They switch to two hands. "How you like that?" The rookie has the muscle beast bent over backwards. "Damn, not bad for a kid!" Steel gut punches Beaver and locks in a sleeper. "Welcome to Thunder's. How that real arm feel around your neck?" The rookie struggles to breathe, "I'm gonna get out of it!" "Use that Beaver strength?" orders Steel, and the rookie escapes! "Not bad son, you broke free of these puppies. Want some more?" asks Steel. They lock up again. "You know what I love to do to skinny guys?" Steel picks Beaver up in a FIREMAN'S CARRY shaking him up and down. "Look at that little whiny face!" mocks Steel as he slams him to the mat. "Oh my back!" The vet stands with open arms, "I'll give you a free shot. Do whatever you want!" Beaver locks Steel in tight headlock, "You're not getting out of this one!" Steel groans in pain and is taken down in a body scissors. "Got leg strength too!" yells Beaver. "Damn son!" Steel escapes and locks in a Boston crab. "My back!" Beaver refuses to tap.
"I'm surprised you still haven't gave. Come on you gotta impress me rookie!" They tie up. Steel locks in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "Slippery Little Beaver!"  Beaver escapes and lifts Steel in a massive rear bearhug. "God you're heavy!" The rookie tries to sleeper the muscle giant, but Steel escapes lifting Beaver in an over the knee BACK BREAKER! "Come on give!" The rookie refuses. "I've got several ways to choke you!" Steel CHOKELIFTS Beaver. "You gonna give now?" "I've got strong neck! It's that young blood!" The rookie recovers and lifts Steel in another rear bearhug taking him down. He straddles Steel pinning him down. "It's that Beaver strength!" Steel easily throws the rookie off him and locks in standing head scissors. "I'm gonna pop your head off, you better give!" orders Steel. Beaver refuses again and takes the muscle giant down in a leg scissor / ankle lock!  The vet groans in pain and has trouble standing up.
Eagle gut punches and POWERSLAMS Beaver. "Oh my neck!" Steel lifts the rookie in a massive bearhug shaking him up and down. "I can make you tap out or put you to sleep. You gotta choose one?" Beaver yells, "I choose none!" Steel delivers a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN and crippling camel clutch. "You're gonna have to give!" Beaver refuses. They lock up. Beaver takes Steel down in a massive body scissors. The muscle beast is in agony, "How are those legs squeezing me that hard?" The tides are turning in this back-and-forth match! "Tap or nap? What's it gonna be?" Will Beaver's grip strength prove too much for the muscle giant? Or will Steel's bowling ball biceps and killer quads overpower Beaver? This match will have you guessing until the last minute!