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wrestlers dominate each other

Steel vs Joey King with Scrappy - Rough & Ready 103

$ 31.25

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend…

Steel is on the mats, flexing his muscle and getting a pump on ready for his next match against Joey King, the ultra-confident, pro-trained wrestler who prides himself on taking big guys down!  Joey King would love nothing more than to bring the cocky Steel down a peg or four!  Steel is obviously unimpressed – “You don’t look like a King.”  Joey responds, saying he “doesn’t need to look like anything – I AM the King!” The Pro suddenly whirls behind Steel, catching him in a choke hold, sending the muscleman down to the mat!  Steel struggles mightily as Joey cuts off his air supply!  “Are you choking or laughing?” asks the sadistic King.  Joey switches to a Full Nelson, keeping Steel trapped and frustrated as he tries to escape – Steel is not used to being treated like this!  Joey smiles - “At least you’re not like that little bitch, Scrappy!”  The two go to lock up, with Joey again getting the advantage first with a front facelock, then torqueing Steel’s awesome torso with an ab stretch!  The bodybuilder cries out in pain as Joey bends and twists him out of shape!  Joey continues the beatdown with a chinlock, pulling up hard on Steel’s head.

Suddenly, Scrappy enters from the next room – he heard Joey’s bitch comment and decided to come take care of business!  Scrappy saves Steel, wrapping his arm around Joey’s throat in a choke – but the King scoops Scrappy up and slams him down over his knee in a backbreaker!  Scrappy suffers as Joey slaps his pecs HARD!  Joey turns his attention back to Steel, firing knee lifts into his midsection.  Scrappy looks on as the King flips Steel over into a Boston Crab!  Steel has NEVER suffered like this!  Joey switches his attention back to Scrappy, releasing Steel.  Scrappy gets the advantage, catching Joey in a Standing Headscissors, squeezing for all he’s worth!  But Joey is one of our most skilled wrestlers, with a counter for almost everything – Scrappy suddenly finds his legs taken out from under him and he falls forward as Joey slaps on a CRIPPLING ankle lock!  Scrappy SCREAMS as Joey piles on the intensity, kicking and stomping Scrappy’s spine!  Meanwhile, Steel recovers and comes up behind Joey, attacking with a rear bearhug – Joey is lifted off the mat in Steel’s HUGE arms, but again he counters with a stomp to the bodybuilder’s foot!  Joey hammers Steel’s arm high up his back, before clamping on a Dragon Sleeper!  Joey is all domination!

Scrappy again makes the save, but that just makes Joey mad as he concentrates all his wrath on poor Scrappy!  The King is just working over and humiliating the two muscle studs!  But the game changes when Scrappy and Steel start working together – Joey suddenly finds himself in a two-on-one match!  Will the King resume his beatdown of the two musclehunks?  Or will he succumb to the numbers game?  Torture racks, chokes, sleeper holds, a camel-boston, chinlocks and more!  Utter destruction!