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wrestlers muscle worship each other

Steel vs Kid Romeo - Rough & Ready 102

$ 22.22
$ 25.95


“Tap Out, Son, Tap Out!”  “I ALREADY DID!!!”

If you’ve ever wanted to see Goliath pound David into the mat, then this one’s for you!  The ultra-confident (or should that be delusional?!) everyman Kid Romeo is warming up, getting ready to take on the MASSIVE Steel!  Amazingly, Kid starts in on the trash talk, claiming he doesn’t want to work Steel too hard as the bodybuilder will tire easily and get out of breath!  Has he seen any of Steel’s matches?!  Steel responds by flexing his HUGE arms in a double bicep pose!  Kid Romeo shoves Steel, trying to catch him off guard – big mistake!  Steel decides that enough is enough and lunges in, hauling Kid up over his shoulders into a CRIPPLING torture rack!  Steel drops Kid to the mat and flexes over him.  Kid gets to his feet, only for Steel to catch him in a Front Facelock, dragging him down to the mat and into a Schoolboy Pin!  Steel is right in Kid’s face as he flexes his incredible physique, forcing Kid to look on in awe!  Kid manages to escape and warily circles the superstar bodybuilder, but Steel grabs him and easily flips him over into a DEVASTATING Boston Crab!  This is one of Steel’s signature moves and he LOVES to work his opponents over in it – and Kid Romeo is no exception!  Steel’s shoulders and arms bulge as he pulls back HARD, inflicting MAXIMUM DAMAGE on the smaller wrestler!  But Steel wants to punish Kid some more and pulls his head up between his inhuman quads for a Standing Headscissor!  Kid Romeo is completely trapped and forced to endure the brutal squeeze!

Steel decides to humiliate Kid, using him as a barbell for bicep curls before slamming him down in an over-the-knee backbreaker.  The musclehunk pushes down on Kid Romeo before shoving him to the mat.  To his credit, Kid gets right back up – and right into a CRUSHING bearhug!  “Ok, ok, let me go!” Kid Romeo begs for release and Steel throws him down.  But if Kid thought that was it, he’s sorely mistaken!  The hapless wrestler finds himself wrapped up tight in Steel’s Full Nelson, being tossed from side to side in Steel’s vice-like grip.  The beatdown continues with more schoolboy pins, strangleholds, rear bearhug, torture rack and much more – Kid Romeo is in SERIOUS trouble!  Steel’s body glistens with sweat as he works over his prey with hold after hold, demanding multiple submissions from the cocky Kid.  A sleeper hold from Steel has Kid succumbing to biceps the size of his head – and still the muscle monster isn’t done!  He’s determined to teach the upstart a lesson!  Another HULKING Boston Crab on poor Kid Romeo!

Can Kid Romeo muster up any kind of offence against the muscle giant?  Or will his name be added to the long list of Steel’s defeated opponents?  Steel is a muscle-lover’s dream, but Kid Romeo’s nightmare!  Add this ULTRA-DOMINATION match to your collection today!