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wrestlers dragon sleeper each other

Steel vs Kid Thing - Battlespace 114

$ 25.95

"What's up man? Looking pretty lazy there on that couch!" Rookie Kid Thing arrogantly confronts Steel. The vet gets up, "We got things to discuss. You getting beat all over the place! I'm gonna have to teach you some stuff!" Kid Thing laughs, "What? Teach me?" Steel flexes his powerful pythons, "See these. I think you're forgetting who had these big guns!" Kid Thing isn't impressed and flexes.
"Alright I'll show you these muscles!" Steel headlocks Kid Thing pulling his shirt over his head. "I can't see!" The vet easily throws the rookie down ripping off his shirt. "Don't you disrespect me!" says Kid Thing. They lock up. Steel lifts the rookie in a massive rear bearhug throwing him down. "My back!" The rookie can barely stand up as the muscle giant picks him up in a FIREMAN'S CARRY shaking him up and down. "I should throw you out these windows. I know you got potential kid. So I'm gonna let you live, and kick your butt until you're good!" Steel slams Kid Thing down and pec bounces his thick chest. "I'm pretty jacked up now!" Headlock, gut punches, a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, Steel is getting a work out destroying the rookie. "Getting a little out of breath here!" Steel peels his jeans off his tree trunk quads. "It's an honor to get your ass kicked by me!" says the vet. "You're just jealous I'm more shredded than you!" mocks the rookie. The muscle behemoth locks in a standing head scissors. "No not the quads! My head! These quads are too big!" Kid Thing passes out under the pressure of Quadzilla's thighs! 
"You ain't done yet, wake up! You done talking crap?" asks Steel. "No!" Kid Thing is taken down in another headlock. "I can't breathe!" The rookie goes to sleep under Steel's bulging bicep! "What's next?" Kid Thing wakes up and is CHOKELIFTED in the air! "Tap or snap son!" "I'll never tap!" Kid Thing is thrown down and gasps for air. Steel straddles the rookie and chokes him with his own arm. The vet sits on his victim in a crippling camel clutch. "Don't forget who the boss is son! No one gets out from these biceps!" Kid goes to sleep again!
"Back to relaxing!" Steel lays on the couch. Kid Thing sneaks behind the vet CHOKING him with his shirt. "Those big arms helping you now? Boss man ain't so tough now!" The rookie transitions to a sleeper. "I'm gonna kill you!" moans Steel as he struggles to breathe. "Think your legs are pretty big?" Kid Thing body scissors the vet; his bulging biceps unable to break away. "You gonna tap? I ain't letting you out!" Kid Thing yanks back on Steel's arms, "Look at all those veins popping out! FLEX, and I'll let you out!" orders the rookie. Steel is in EXCRUCIATING pain! His 8 pack abs and Popeye arms being stretched to their limits! Will the mighty Steel be forced to submit and flex for Kid Thing? Or will the vet come back and put the rookie in his place? A surprise guitar is used as a brutal weapon to help someone get the win! You gotta see it to believe it!