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Steel vs Loki - Bodybuilder Battle 154

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An argument in the garage turns into an ALL-OUT WAR; our camera arriving seconds before the secret battle begins! "You think you're big or something? I'm not impressed. You're a litte bit beefy; could lose a few pounds!" taunts Steel pinching the muscle beast's thick abs. "It's called off season. I get f***ing huge, so I don't get these baby arms and s**t!" mocks Loki. "You could look like me all year round, biceps like that, quads like these! This is what a real man looks like!" flexes Steel. "Maybe if you ate a little bit, you could catch up on the quads. You look a little skinny." The muscle hunks flex their massive legs as the camera zooms in tight. "This new guy's pissing me off; how about we settle this!" challenges Steel. Tying up, Loki breaks away BARRELING in for a tight front bearhug giving him a taste of what's to come. "Ahh my back!" groans the vet struggling to breathe as he's slammed down. The behemoth plants his foot on Steel's chest flexing his beefy frame, "I thought you were gonna show me up? You think your arms are bigger than mine? Get up!" Side by side, the titans compare their thick, bulging biceps. "Look at this s**t! I'm way bigger and stronger!" declares Steel. "Mine are definitely stronger, 100%!" brags Loki surprising the vet with a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "You're not getting out of this!" His face turning red from the intense pressure, Steel flexes harder and harder finally powering out clamping on a tight full nelson of his own, "These stiff little shoulders, heavy little arms, can barely get around you!" Loki groans in pain; his beefy frame STRETCHED to its limits as he strains but breaks free, "It's pretty obvious my arms are stronger than yours!" Refusing to give in, Steel moves on, "Talk s**t all day, what about these pecs? Perfection right here!" Both muscle hunks flex and compare their meaty chests as a pec bounce competition begins. A close up shot gets you front and center on all their beefy glory! "Think you're stronger, harder?" taunts Steel. Both mountains of muscle begin PUNCHING each other's chests harder and harder. "You're trying to compare yourself to me? My chest is way bigger!" brags Steel. "You ain't got s**t on this!" declares Loki locking on a double pec claw with his meathook hands, "How's it feel now? Think your chest is strong now?" Steel groans in agony narrowly prying apart the muscle beast's grip inch by inch and grabs two handfuls of his meaty pecs in revenge. "Ahh f**k, it hurts a lot more than I anticipated!" screams Loki. "How's that feel? Small little titties of yours, who's suffering now?" mocks Steel DIGGING his fingers in even harder. The burly beast grunts and groans escaping the torture and locks in a rib-cracking belly to belly bearhug. "Your pecs are crushing my abs! Come on, put me down!" pleads Steel gasping for air. "What you gonna say now?" taunts Loki SHAKING his prey as his meaty forearms dig in deep! Somehow, the vet escapes lifting the 220 pounder in one of the HOTTEST 90 seconds belly to belly bearhugs you have ever seen! "How's those pecs feel?" The behemoth screams in pain as he's violently shaken around in Steel's powerful pythons; his hulking frame goes limp again and again, but the sinister vet doesn't let go, "Had enough yet?" Barely breathing, Loki crumbles to the mat completely gassed as Steel flexes in victory. "So you think everything's better than me, what else? Tell me!" taunts the vet as the beefy beast peels himself up off the floor, "I'm a little off season, but I think my abs are clearly better!" Steel laughs in disbelief, "You're out of your mind! Look at this s**t!" Both muscle hunks flex their abs; the camera zooms in for you to judge yourself. Hold on tight for not one, but two grueling rounds of a GUT PUNCH BATTLE! Barely able to stand, the titans hit harder and harder doubling each other over in intense pain! The battle for the best body continues with an epic showdown for the biggest and strongest quads: SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors and RIB-SHATTERING body scissors have these mountains of muscle screaming in pain trying to break each other apart! "These huge quads are choking you out so easy!" A rivalry on the mat has begun that soon spreads to the ring; check out Ring Wars 90 for part two in the war of Steel vs Loki!