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Steel vs Loki - Ring Wars 90

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

"Showing off huh? I'm gonna beat your a** all over this f***ing ring!" threatens Steel. "Just practicing the posing, it's pretty clear that I am superior!" taunts Loki admiring his beefy frame. "You know I'm the best right?" declares Steel. "Second best, I'm up here; you're like right here!" brags Loki. The muscle beast snaps choking the arrogant vet into the turnbuckle and POUNDS away at his abs. Doubled over, Steel wraps his bulging bicep around Loki in a guillotine choke then takes him down with a forearm blow to the back! Incredibly, the muscle hulk springs to his feet and charges in for a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug as Steel groans in pain, "Ahh my back!" "Does that feel good huh? See, second best!" taunts Loki slamming his prey to the mat driving his knee deep into his chiseled back. "Your fat a** weighs so much!" moans Steel struggling to breath as he's yanked up for a CRIPPLING camel clutch! "Is that a good stretch for you there?" "My neck!" Desperate, the muscle beast struggles to his knees piggybacking the 220 pounder and falls backwards crushing him underneath, but he is unfazed! Loki wraps his tree-trunk quads around the vet in a tight body scissors as Steel's powerful pythons narrowly pry apart his legs inch by inch finally escaping. The beefy bodybuilder is rolled for a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab clawing the ring in agony! "Told you I'm the best; you gonna talk s**t now?" taunts Steel cranking on his legs harder and harder leaving the muscle hulk laid out completely gassed. "Damn, I'm good; best in the biz!" declares Steel flexing his rock-hard biceps. "Second best!" The rage fueled beast locks Loki in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors; his granite-slab quads flex tighter and tighter nearly putting him to sleep! A darkness falls over the ring as the dominant Steel drags the motionless hunk to the turnbuckle and climbs outside, "Gonna say I'm the best now?" BLOOD-CURDLING screams fill the arena as Loki's legs are spread apart and yanked around the ring post, "F**k you!" Wanting more pain, the muscle beast climbs back inside hoisting his prey for a quick full nelson and brutal dragon sleeper. Gasping for air, Loki tries clubbing his captor's chiseled back to escape, but his strength is fading. "Was that supposed to hurt? You gotta punch me like a man!" taunts Steel PUMMELING Loki's abs again and again then slamming him face first into the turnbuckle! Dazed, the devious beast grabs the bodybuilder's arm between his own legs parading him around. "You're completely helpless! All that muscle, what are you gonna do?" mocks Steel SMACKING his victim's beefy frame. Struggling to breathe, Loki calls the vet's biceps "tiny" sending him over the edge. A vicious camel clutch, stomp to the back, and bodyslam lead to a massive fireman's carry. "Big a** biceps, that's what a f***ing man looks like! Come on boy; you tired?" taunts Steel BENDING and squatting the 220 pounder over his boulder shoulders as he groans in pain firing back, "You need those squats; your little legs!" Not letting up, Loki is slammed into the turnbuckle as Steel WRENCHES back on his powerful pythons; his beefy chest stretched to its limits. "You better give, or I'm gonna pull you apart, break those big arms off!" Barely standing, Steel sleepers the beefy bodybuilder from the top turnbuckle and yanks up on his chin with his meathook hands nearly SNAPPING his neck! "I'm gonna pull that pretty head off! Don't fight it; you're already done!" Loki crumbles to the mat as a fire begins to ignite inside the bodybuilder, ready for payback! A vicious low blow drops Steel to his back as the behemoth crushes his rib cage with his foot while flexing. "What was that you were saying about you being number one?" taunts Loki dragging the beast into a DEVASTATING camel clutch, "Ahh my back!" The 220 pounder slams Steel's face into the mat and sits on his back flexing his beefy biceps. "You fat f**k; I can't breathe!" pleads the vet. "You said you're number one, but you're on the ground? Let's see one push up, and I'll believe you!" Steel tries a push up again and again, but Loki kicks him down on his face making him angrier ready for round two! A neck-breaking full nelson, dragon sleeper, and barrage of MEATHOOK CLOTHESLINES lead to a final end for one muscle hunk! Who will it be?