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Steel (aka Joey Sullivan) struggles in Marco's full nelson.

Steel vs Marco - Bodybuilder Battle 90

$ 25.95

Wow.  Marco and Steel, perhaps two of the most physically perfect physiques to ever grace the Thunder’s Arena mats.  Marco, in form-fitting red speedos, watches newcomer Steel warming up. Steel is magnificent, a bona fide young bodybuilder who looks like he’s been sculpted by Michelangelo, with glutes that are barely contained in his white trunks!  Marco, who has an amazing physique himself, is clearly intimidated by the new guy’s muscle – but this is Marco and he NEVER backs down, no matter who he’s up against!  Marco comments on Steel’s flexing (which is JAW DROPPING!) “They always flex, but not many know how to wrestle”.  Fighting words indeed!  They lock up and Marco scores a go-behind, catching Steel in a rear bearhug.  Perhaps giving a hint of what’s to come, Steel reverses out, wraps his massive arms around Marco and lifts him up into a rear bearhug of his own!  Marco tries to prise Steels fingers apart as the young muscle god takes them to the mat, manoeuvring Marco into a choke hold!  Marco was definitely not expecting this!

Like two super-heroes clashing, they lock up again with Marco grappling Steel to the mats.  Pinning him and flexing in his face, Marco dares Steel to escape!  A picture-worthy abs pose and Marco lets the new recruit go, only to grab his legs and trap Steel in a BOSTON CRAB!  In an awesome display of power, Steel uses his MASSIVE QUADS to power out, nearly throwing Marco off the mats!  Steel has NEVER skipped leg day!  Locking up again, Steel lifts Marco over his shoulder and squats, using Marco as a human barbell!  Dropping him down, Steel then catches Marco in a full nelson, his trapped body stretched and on full display as the rookie clamps down hard on Marco’s neck!  Marco sinks to the mat under the UNRELENTING force!  Marco is out!!

Steel isn’t done though, waking the unconscious Marco before stepping over him and CRUSHING Marco’s head between his PYTHONIC legs (surely a contender for HEADSCISSOR OF THE YEAR??!!).  Steel’s quads are bulging with the effort, but Marco manages to slip out, picking the muscle hunk up and dropping him in an Over the Knee Backbreaker!  The battle rages on – bearhugs, ab stretches, elbows, pins, these guys are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at each other!  One wrestler literally hulks out of a tight full nelson!  AWESOME!!  This match has some of the best and most perfectly executed bearhugs you will ever see, with one wrestler being crushed almost to oblivion!  Can Marco avenge his earlier defeat?  Will Steel pull off the upset of the century?  A final, constricting sleeper hold has one wrestler sprawled out on the mats whilst the winner flexes his awesome physique over the unconscious wrestler’s prone body.  Who wins this battle of the superstars?  Get this fantastic match today and find out!