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Steel (aka Joey Sullivan) about to go for the kill against Marco.

Steel vs Marco - No Holds Barred 75

$ 31.25

Steel and Marco have a history having wrestled before in their now classic Bodybuilder Battle!  Steel is out for revenge and this time it’s No HOLDS BARRED!

Both wrestlers are reclining on the mat, discussing their last encounter.  As Steel rises to lock up, Marco pounces, getting behind the muscle stud and taking him to the mat!  Riding his back, Marco flips them over before low blowing Steel!  “What was that?!” “It’s no holds barred!”  Steel recovers and gets behind Marco, wrapping his MASSIVE ARMS around Marco’s torso for a rib-bending rear bearhug!  Marco winces in pain as he is thrown to the mat, Steel mounting him for a humiliating schoolboy pin and flexing his huge biceps in a show of alpha dominance!  They lock up again and Marco gets a leg takedown on the Steel manoeuvring him round for a face-to-ass headscissor!  Steel goes to retaliate with the same, but Marco knows better than to get caught in Steel’s redwood thighs!  Marco releases his headscissor and claws Steel’s balls!  Another lock up and the two tumble to the mat with Steel getting on top again.  He is determined to beat and humiliate Marco, schoolboy pinning him again and flexing hard!  Marco is not easily intimidated though as he catches Steel in a textbook bearhug. Lifting his prey high off the mat, Marco’s arms become like BOA CONSTRICTORS, tightening and crushing the life out of the man of Steel!  Steel absorbs the punishment, forcing Marco to relinquish the hold.  Steel challenges Marco to a game of Mercy, which Marco gladly accepts.  The two test their strength against each other, neither getting the advantage until Marco decides to cheat and tries to get a low blow on Steel again.  But Steel sees it coming!  As Marco is about to strike, Steel puts on a burst of strength, crushing Marco’s fingers and twisting his wrist back – Marco screams in pain!  Steel throws him to the mat, following up with a rear choke, Marco’s neck caught tight between Steel’s rock hard bicep and forearm!  Steel switches to a straight arm bar, trying to rip Marco’s arm from his body!  “You wanna ball claw me now?”  Marco groans in agony as Steel pulls back hard, Marco’s bicep stretching to almost breaking point!  Marco takes Steel up on his invitation and ball claws him – Steel has no choice but to let him go!  Marco gets Steel in a BOSTON CRAB, sitting his glutes down HARD into the small of Steel’s back!  To add insult to imminent injury, Marco drops one legs and uses his free hand to low blow Steel yet again!

Marco showboats and flexes as Steel gets up – they lock up, but Marco makes a critical mistake and finds himself trapped in a standing headscissor!  Marco wants to be ANYWHERE other than between Steel’s marble pillars!   Steel pumps and flexes his steel cord hamstrings and quads, crushing Marco’s head with unthinkable pressure!  Having weakened him in the scissor, Steel hauls Marco up into a muscular Full Nelson!  Marco is stretched and on display as he feels the full force of Steel’s massive arms!  Marco tries to flex out, but it’s to no avail as Steel throws him to the mat!  Steel pulls Marco to sitting, wrapping his arm around Marco’s neck for another choke before shooting a low blow of his own!  Marco tries to recover, but Steel is too fast, pulling him up again and working him into a DRAGON SLEEPER!  Steel’s body glistens with sweat as he smothers his prey, the baking heat weakening Marco fast!  Steel releases, instead going behind for another choke, his bicep again digging hard into the neck of Marco.  Steel switches back to the Dragon Sleeper and cranks it on HARD!  Marco is OUT!  But Steel isn’t satisfied – a savage ball claw soon wakes up the sleeping stud!

This battle is far from over as the two gladiators punish each other relentlessly, Steel looking to not only win, but to humiliate and destroy Marco!  But Marco still has many (dirty!) tricks up his sleeve.  Can Steel get his revenge over Marco?  Or will he find himself once again on the receiving end of one of Marco’s legendary beatdowns?  Get this titanic now to find out!