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Steel vs Marco - No Holds Barred 93

Steel vs Marco - No Holds Barred 93

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

“Game over, son!”

Steel has just finished a match with Blayne, a match in which Marco interfered.  Steel is annoyed by Marco’s comments that he’s “all for show” and “not a real wrestler”.  Marco brags about how he beat a buddy of Steel’s, claiming he set a record for ball claws – not to mention how he just beat up on ‘Steel’s bitch’, Blayne!  “You wanna wrestle for him?” asks Marco.  “Sure – then I’ll have two little bitches!”  Then Marco reveals what’s been eating at him – that Steel has ranked number one in sales at Thunder’s and Marco is NOT happy about that!  This match has suddenly become all about the bragging rights at Thunder’s Arena!

The two lock up and Marco goes straight for a low blow, clawing Steel’s balls and schoolboy pinning him!  Steel keeps it clean, getting behind Marco and lifting him up in a rear bearhug, dumping him to the mat for his number one move – a Standing Headscissor!  Steel’s world-famous quads flare as he puts the SQUEEEEZE on Marco’s head!  They lock up again and Marco gets a single-leg takedown, tying Steel’s legs up in a leglock!  Marco isn’t just a dirty wrestler – he’s a smart one too and he knows he’ll need to take out Steel’s legs if he’s to have a hope of winning!  Marco slaps a headlock on the bodybuilder, but Steel takes him to the mat for a schoolboy pin of his own!  “You’re taking my move!” exclaims Marco.  “It’s mine now son!”  Steel clamps on a headlock into a sleeper, his massive arms constricting around Marco’s neck!  But Marco slips out and fires a barrage of blows into Steel’s abs!  This is EPIC!  A Spladle pin from Marco has Steel trapped on his back like a turtle!  Both are beginning to realise that this won’t be as easy as they thought!

Steel twists Marco into a Boston Crab, pulling back hard on Marco’s legs!  “Just give up, you know who’s going to win.”  Marco responds with an elbow to Steel’s balls that sends him crashing down!  Steel regroups, firing blows into Marco’s midsection and catching him in a front facelock.  But Marco reverses, catching Steel in a sleeper / hammerlock combo!  Hold and counterhold, move and reversal – this is one action packed match!  Over the knee backbreaker with added ball claw from Marco!  Steel fights back with a chokelift high off the mat!  Steel’s muscles stand out in sharp relief as he chokeslifts Marco over and over!  Marco should know better than to let Steel get his power moves!  Suddenly, Marco actually chokelifts Steel, throwing him to the other side of the mats!  Incredible!  Steel is recovering, but Marco isn’t going to let that happen – he might not kick a man when he’s down, but he has no problem with a ball claw!  Steel responds with a ball shot of his own, stripping Marco of his shorts, down to his trunks!  Then Marco shows off his strength, hauling the massive bodybuilder over his shoulders and doing squats!

If you’re a fan of either of these guys, then this match is for you.  Heck, if you’re a fan of awesome, action packed matches, then this match is for you too.  You absolutely will not want want to miss this one – both wrestlers bring their A game, but there can be only one king!  And be sure to let us know if you’re Team Marco or Team Steel!