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Steel vs Scrappy - Vegas Battles 22

Steel vs Scrappy - Vegas Battles 22

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

*Due to some technical difficulties with our camera this match has distorted sound. We apologize for the inconvenience and have dropped the price down*


Scrappy and Steel have always had a frat-boy rivalry going on, so when they’re both in the room or on the mat, you can always be sure of fireworks!  Outside, under the Vegas sun, the two alpha bros are in trunks and ready to ‘rassle!  Steel starts by shoving Scrappy off balance, setting the tone before catching Scrappy in a side headlock.  Steel has gotten even bigger and more powerful, as Scrappy discovers first hand!  Steel slaps a front facelock on Scrappy, yanking him up to his toes!  Steel casts Scrappy aside, but he comes back, lunging and lifting the bodybuilder up in a bearhug!  Scrappy shows Steel that he’s no pushover as he drops the musclestud to the mat.  Steel is furious and hoists Scrappy up over his shoulders, ramming his muscular traps into Scrappy’s midsection, before throwing him down.  Steel grabs Scrappy’s arm, twisting and wrenching it before sitting him up for Steel’s signature Standing Headscissors!  Steel’s MASSIVE quads billow out as the pillars of muscle pulverise Scrappy’s skull!  Scrappy struggles to escape, managing to make Steel lose his balance.  Scrappy seizes the opportunity, scissoring Steel’s leg and clawing his pec!  Scrappy slaps on a headlock of his own, pulling Steel to his feet and cranking the hold on TIGHT.  Scrappy whirls around, clamping a Full Nelson on the musclehunk – Steel tries to flex out, but he’s still weakened from the headlock!  He refuses to submit though, so Scrappy throws him to the mat.

Steel goes to lock up, but Scrappy manoeuvres him down into a crab, yanking up on his legs.  But Scrappy loses his footing, giving Steel a chance to escape and exact his revenge, blatantly choking the helpless Scrappy!  Steel looks seriously huge as he chokes the life out of Scrappy – in utter desperation, the suffering stud rams his forearm up between Steel’s legs!  Steel topple to the mat in pain, clutching his manhood as Scrappy gets behind and traps him in a payback headscissor.  Steel thrashes about, eventually escaping the hold and getting to his feet – he is mad!  He pushes Scrappy to the mat, again choking him and shoving his head back between those killer quads!  But Scrappy has learnt from the first time and rams his head upwards, connecting with Steel’s balls!  Steel is laid out on the mat as Scrappy pins him down – but Steel is too strong and powerful to just lay there!  Scrappy finds himself in a crushing sleeper hold, Steel’s huge bicep pressing in to Scrappy’s neck!  “Lights out” says Steel as he tightens the hold even further - Scrappy passes out!  Steel isn’t done though – he picks Scrappy up, dunking him in the fountain to wake him up!  Scrappy is humiliated and furious, a dangerous combination!  The battle ratchets up a notch as the two trade choke lifts, trying to destroy the other!

Will Steel’s massive muscle prove the decider?  Or will Scrappy’s tenacity win him the day?  This one will keep you guessing right up to the shocking end!  One thing’s for sure, this rivalry is nowhere near over!