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Steel TAK Bear body scissors headlock pecs chest arms

Steel vs TAK with Bear - Vegas Battles 02

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Let’s get this out of the way – this is possibly the hottest match we have ever produced.  Period.  There, we said it.  TAK, Bear and Steel.  Each of them a hit in their own right, with their own fans and supporters.  All three together?  It’s Vegas baby!

TAK arrives at the hotel suite to find Bear and Steel already arrived.  Right away we’re reminded that TAK and Bear have a history (check out Battlespace 63!).  Bear is newly clean-shaven from the neck down (that beard is still firmly in place), his pecs no longer hidden beneath fur.  TAK has the camera as Steel and Bear flex off!  Steel’s body is mesmerising as he strips down to his trunks, pecs and biceps for days!  The two musclehunks start to get annoyed with TAK’s famous (and constant) smart-mouthing.  Steel flexes his massive quads, the camera zooming in for a close-up!  “Ok, let me see your fat backs” says TAK.  He just can’t control his mouth!  Enraged, Bear and Steel advance on TAK, knocking the smaller man to the floor!  Yanking him back up, Steel holds him whilst Bear throws a solid forearm into TAK’s midsection!  TWO-ON-ONE!  TAK takes his time on the floor, getting his breath back and putting his bandana (?!) back on.  Steel is in the background, pacing like a wild animal waiting for the kill!  Finally he has enough of waiting and wraps his huge quads around TAK’s chest!  As if that wasn’t enough, Bear adds a sleeper hold!  TAK is wrapped up in muscle as he struggles to breathe, Steel’s quads and hamstrings straining and flexing from the effort.  Steel asks TAK “You done talkin’ smack?”  TAK answers “The only thing I’m smackin’ is your Mom’s booty at night!”  Wow – there’s no way Steel is going to let that go!  The musclegod drags TAK’s head between his thighs in a standing, pulsing headscissor.  We see TAK coughing and shaking as he is mercilessly squeezed by the bodybuilder, Steel’s glutes and hamstrings a VISION OF PURE, CRUSHING POWER!  A choke lift has TAK on the verge of blacking out, but Steel is a long way from done with the punk as he catches him in another devastating standing headscissor – this time we see his massive quads ballooning and squeezing the life out of the hapless TAK!  Bear takes over and lifts TAK up in a tight rear bear hug, crushing him even further.  Gotta give TAK credit, he’s not submitting!  A full nelson, back breaker, ab bashing, he takes it all.

A surprise wrestler cameo appearance finally gets a submission from TAK – something the other two have yet to manage!  And boy, are they pissed!!  Steel slams TAK to the floor, before dragging him up into a front face lock, his bulging forearm crushing TAK’s throat!  Steel throws TAK into Bear’s grip, where he is manhandled, slammed and squeezed!  Steel carry’s TAK outside to the pool area and the blazing Vegas sun where the action goes to a whole new level of crazy hotness!  All three men are in the pool as Steel manhandles TAK, crushing him in a bear hug before throwing him to Bear for a full nelson / scissor combination!  DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM!!!  Steel shows off his power by GORILLA PRESSING TAK FOR REPS!!  Steel’s wet muscles glint in the sun as he wraps his awesome arms around TAK’s head for a sleeper.  TAK is trapped between Steel’s thighs, underwater!  TAK is passed between the two men for hold after hold after hold!  Will TAK learn to control his mouth?  Will he even survive the onslaught of these two muscle beasts?  TAK is a fighter and hates to quit – will Steel or Bear manage to make him submit?  Will TAK tap out or pass out?  Do yourself a favour and get this incredibly hot, instant classic of a match today to find out!  

And just wait ‘til you see the shocking, but oh so sexy ending…