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Tank squeezes Steel with a Full Nelson in Thunders Arena

Steel vs Tank - Bodybuilder Battles 94

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

#1 Bestseller October 2016

Thunder’s Arena newcomer Tank is on the mats, flexing and posing in a red singlet.  This man is huge, with massive arms and lats!  Every ounce of muscle says beware of this power, or it will crush you!  Suddenly, fan-favourite Steel enters the frame, pushing Tank out of the spotlight – “You’re taking my spot!”  As Steel starts posing and showing his own gym-sculpted body, Tank responds with a rib-shattering bearhug, lifting Steel clean off the ground!  Steel manages to escape, realising that he may have bitten off more than he can chew!  The two men lock up and Tank gets the go-behind, catching Steel in a rear bearhug, pinning his arms to his side.  Tank is toying with Steel, playing with his mind and letting him know what he can do!  They lock up again and Tank gets a single-leg takedown on Steel, into a grinding headlock on the mat!  Steel manages to roll them and mounts Tank for a schoolboy pin, but Tank again shows his power and throws him off!

They lock up again and Steel gets a real taste of what he’s up against when he tries to apply a Full Nelson.  You read that right – tries.  Tank’s lats are so wide, so massive that Steel can’t get his arms around them!  He has to settle for trapping one arm in the nelson and the other in Tank’s singlet strap!  Steel takes the bodybuilder to the mat, ramming Tank’s own arm into his face!  Steel goes for another full Nelson and is again unable to get it!  Switching tactics, Steel converts to an arm-bar that has Tank screaming!  “Enjoy this while it lasts” Tank says through gritted teeth!  Tank refuses to submit and manages to twist out, before showing Steel how a Full Nelson should be done!  Tank’s hands link and the hold is on tight, Steel flailing from side to side as he’s manhandled by the massive monster!  Tank twists Steel’s arm up into a hammerlock, before slamming him down to the mat in a smothering headlock!  Steel can feel the heat from Tank’s pecs as his head is ground into the hard muscle!

Steel manages to escape and distracts Tank by pulling his singlet straps down, catching him in a rear bearhug of his own!  A pulsing headscissor from Steel has Tank grimacing in pain!  Steel shows off his power and skill as he slaps a text-book perfect bearhug on Tank, his forearms digging deep right under Tank’s widescreen lats into the small of his back!  Throwing the muscle monster to the mat, Steel strips him down to his white Calvin’s before catching him in a scissor choke combination.  It’s not enough though!  Tank escapes and humiliates Steel with a series of leg takedowns before hoisting him over his massive shoulder in a carry!  Steel is pissed, lifting Tank and slamming him over his knee in an OTK backbreaker, with added choke!  “Come on, give!” Steel demands a submission, but Tank refuses!  A pec-straining chin lock from Steel still doesn’t work, neither does a camel clutch – what does Steel have to do to put thig guy away?!  Even a back-wrenching Boston Crab doesn’t get the submission!

What started off as jockeying for position has turned into an all-out brawl as each man batters the other in holds and counter holds, moves and reversals.  Steel finds himself perilously close to the ceiling fan as Tank choke lifts him high off the mat!  Tank follows up with a MASSIVE headscissors, Steel fading as he tries to prise the Redwoods apart!  Eventually he slips out and slaps on another headscissors of his own, his quads shaking from the effort has the crushing power has Tank crying out in agony!  Forearm blows to the pecs and midsection, hard chops, ab stretch hip toss – both men dig deep to punish the other!  A Gorilla Press has one surprised wrestler lifted high and slammed down HARD! The action is interrupted by Bolt and Travis, whose fight in another room spills into this one.  What happens when four amped-up wrestlers get on the mats together?  Get this match today to find out!