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Steel vs Travis - Bodybuilder Battle 91

Steel vs Travis - Bodybuilder Battle 91

$ 39.95

#1 Best Seller June 2016

Steel is in the Thunder’s mat room, taking some time to practice his posing and flexing.  As he shows off his hard earned muscle, Travis steps in front of him.  Never one to pass up an opportunity to flex (!), Travis starts posing and flexing his muscle in front of Steel, which just serves to rile Steel!  Egos start to run wild as these two muscular studs compare and pose off against each other – Travis definitely has some size on him, but Steel takes the crown for definition (check out the peaks on his biceps!).  Travis, sensing this battle isn’t going his way, says he could beat Steel in a fight – Travis is calling Steel out!  “You think you can overpower this?” Steel askes, gesturing to his pecs and quads.  “No question” – fighting talk from Travis!  Travis turns to the camera to fire off another double bicep shot, which give Steel the opportunity for a cheap shot from behind!  Lifting a surprised Travis up, Steel slams Travis ribs-first onto his knee, before dragging him up again for a ground-shaking bodyslam!  Steel pulls Travis into one of his signature moves – the standing head scissor!  It’s early in the match though and Travis is still flexing, so Steel takes him to the mat and slaps on an arm-bar, wrenching the bicep and pec of the young bodybuilder!  Steel converts the hold to a modified guillotine, but still Travis doesn’t give!

More flexing from Travis gets Steel mad – he slams Travis down again and slaps on an arm lock, trying to rip the muscle stud’s arm from his body!  To add injury to injury, Steel takes it down for another arm-bar, this time pulling back for all he’s worth – Travis is in serious danger of having his massive pec torn to shreds!  Steel clamps on a front facelock, followed by a side headlock – Travis answers this with a side chest pose!  Travis is opening up a Pandora’s Box of ass-kicking!  An enraged Steel curb-stomps Travis into the mat, following up with a single-leg Boston!  Steel wants to humiliate Travis some more, so stands up and drags his head between his quads for an intense standing headscissor, Steel flexing every inch of his body as his vice-like legs crush Travis’ head like a peanut! Steel then pulls Travis up into a full nelson, but Travis muscles out – finally, all that flexing practice comes in handy!  Travis can’t capitalise though and gets slammed to the mat yet again!  Steel is embracing his vicious side as he wraps his massive quads around Travis in a figure-4 bodyscissors, squeezing the breath out of his prey before clamping on another arm-bar, this time on the other side of Travis’ body!  A rear bearhug into an OTK backbreaker has Travis again on the mats!

Travis finally locks up with Steel and manages to clamp on a rear bearhug of his own!  Travis’ massive arms crush the living breath out of Steel!  The bodybuilder decides to repay Steel’s earlier full nelson with one of his own – “Let’s see you flex out of this!”  Can Steel escape and regain his dominance over Travis?  Or will he finally fall to Travis’ muscle and power?  This match culminates in what can only be described as a scissor fest – head scissors, body scissors, triangles, and scissor chokes - a brutal assortment of punishing holds.  Multiple knock-outs and submissions! There is a definite winner, but the punishment doesn’t stop with the end of the match…

Description coming soon but you just kneed to know the MOST amazing flexes during the moves you could ever want to see is on this video.  Abs and definition like you have never seen before from a Thunder's wrestler.  lf you want to see two grown shredded men wrestle and flex their bodies while wrestling, don't wait, get this now.