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Travis Steel muscle worship pool flex flexing biceps pecs chest arms abs

Steel vs Travis - Water Wars 05

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

It’s the middle of the night at the Thunder’s house and Steel and Travis have decided to jump in the pool for a midnight swim!  Both in red trunks, it’s not long before they are flexing at each other, trying to establish who the alpha is!  They start pushing each other and then lock up.  Travis manages to get a full nelson on Steel, lifting the muscle stud out of the water!  Steel powers down and flexes out of the hold, spinning round to slap a hammer lock on Travis, before switching to a nelson of his own!  Travis reverses, again trapping Steel in the nelson – then dunking him underwater!  Tensions rise as the two men start choking each other, both going for the nap rather than the tap!  Travis wraps his meaty arms around Steel in a bearhug, squeezing his ribs inwards, but Steel won’t give!  Travis flexes his arms as Steel recovers, but that just leaves him open to another full nelson on Travis, his massive chest on full display!  Again, Travis manages to escape and reverses, slapping the nelson on Steel!  Seeing that Steel is about to flex out, Travis dunks him face first under the water!

A spluttering Steel gets away from Travis and regroups, slapping a choke hold on the flexing stud and following up with a choke slam!  Travis is almost driven through the bottom of the pool!  Rising back up, he slugs Steel in the midsection again and again before wrapping his arms around Steel’s skull in a head hug!  Steel slips out before the suffocating wall of muscle can close completely!  A confident Travis pauses to flex some more – big mistake!  Steel moves in with gut punches of his own before dunking Travis under the water in a side headlock!

Travis has obviously been getting some coaching in deviousness as he feigns admiration for Steel’s biceps for drilling his fist into the unsuspecting muscle hunk’s abs!  Travis slaps on another crushing full nelson, then launches Steel clean across the pool!  Travis has finally had enough and grabs Steel’s neck with both hands, choking the life out of him!  Travis starts wailing on Steel’s abs, but Steel can give as good as he gets!  Hurling insults at each other, it’s clear that they really don’t like each other!  What starts off as a pleasant midnight swim soon becomes a frat house beatdown!  Will Travis eke out a win over Steel?  Or will Steel put the young muscle pup in his place?  There are no submissions here – this one goes all the way to a shocking and definite end!  Get this match today to see the jaw-dropping end and find out who takes the win!