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arm lock

Steel vs Viking - Vegas Battles 47

$ 31.25

Old School vs New School!

The match starts with Steel flexing his MASSIVE biceps proclaiming no one in Thunder's Arena has arms like him. Viking interrupts and says it's "out with the old, and in with the new!" He admits Steel has biceps but calls him "old school, a thing of the past." Steel says Viking looks like a skinny telephone pole. Viking says Steel looks like the "Michelin man," ready to pop at any second. The match is on!!

Steel locks Viking in a couple headlocks then starts punching his abs. Viking punches Steel's abs, applies a headlock, then picks Steel up in an UPSIDE DOWN BEARHUG before dropping him to the mat! Viking proclaims he is the "superior athlete," and says Steel just gasses out. Steel goes into A RAGE!! He gut punches Viking, puts him in a headlock, then FIREMAN CARRIES the giant on his shoulders shaking him up and down!! Steel launches Viking off his shoulders onto the mat. He puts the giant in a vicious standing head scissors then takes it to the ground with the hold locked in.

Steel takes the giant's arm and WRENCHES it behind his back telling him to give in. He plants his knee in Viking's back and yanks back on his neck. The giant is unable to break the hold and is COUNTING SHEEP! When Viking wakes up, Steel pins his arms by scissoring one arm and pinning the other arm. Steel repeatedly punches Viking's abs and does a snapmare takedown throwing Viking on the mat. He digs his knee into Viking's back again and yanks on his neck.

Viking tells Steel to admit he's tired and can't keep his hold going. He throws Steel to the mat and locks him in a massive arm bar!! Viking then digs his knee into Steel's back and yanks on his arms. He puts Steel's boulder bicep in a crippling HAMMER LOCK threatening to break his shoulder!! Viking isn't happy with just hurting one arm; he LEG DROPS Steel's other arm!!

Viking proclaims, "It's a thing of beauty, when Viking's on duty!" Steel can barely stand holding his massive painful arm. Viking delivers a snapmare takedown to Steel throwing him on the mat! He puts Steel in a front bearhug then crushes Steel's head and neck against his body. Viking applies a reverse chicken wing yanking Steel's arm behind his back. Steel is able to break away, and the two roll around on the mat. Steel gets the giant in a TRIANGLE CHOKE ARMBAR with his tree trunk thighs!! Viking struggles but is able to overpower Steel, pick him up while in the hold, and POWERSLAM him to the mat!!!

Both wrestlers are extremely winded from this massive power display. Viking delivers a choke lift trying to put Steel away for good!! Will the "old school" Steel tap out or come back and get his revenge on the "new top dog" Viking? Buy this match to find out!


PS - this match is filmed in "webm" format which means you download the video after purchase THEN drag and drop the video file into any Chrome or Firefox web browser to view video after purchase and download.  The quality is ULTA HD and worth watching!  It's cutting edge best format we can deliver to you just remember to open the video file with your web browser Chrome or Firefox and watch it play.  

Will play on any iPhone or iPad or Android as well inside of a Chrome or Firefox web browser as well.