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Stevie vs Bronze Bullet - Mat Rats 150

$ 31.25

After getting to know each other (and talking sh*t) Stevie and Bronze Bullet jump into action. Stevie lifts his much larger opponent on his shoulders, but Bronze Bullet is so much taller than Stevie he just reaches down and does a handstand to get off! Both wrestlers go at it using sleeper holds and full nelsons. Bronze Bullet yanks Stevie off his feet up in the air before dropping him over his knee in a brutal low blow! Bronze Bullet continues trying to humiliate his opponent lifting him over his shoulder and spanking him repeatedly! Stevie is not one to back down from a fight and continues to counter and catch Bronze Bullet off guard. But is the Bronze Bullet's size too much for Stevie to handle? He uses his technical skills to stretch his much taller opponent out. A back and forth of power versus technical skill begins. Bronze Bullet uses power moves lifting and carrying Stevie around the mat, but Stevie uses momentum to counter and come back at Bronze Bullet. Stevie attempts a pin getting to a 2 count before Bronze Bullet starts to use Stevie as a human barbell and bench press him over and over! Stevie eventually sees that he needs to fight dirty to overcome Bronze Bullets power and delivers a hard low blow weakening his larger opponent! A back and forth exchange has each man trying to pin the other each getting close but not finishing the job. Bronze Bullet changes directions and applies a figure four leg lock making Stevie tap! When they break a HARD gut punch takes Bronze Bullet down. Stevie locks in a TIGHT rear sleeper and Bronze Bullet goes out! Stevie is so excited he flexes over his opponent celebrating! But Bronze Bullet wakes up and is not going to let a smaller wrestler beat him! They both challenge one another to a gut punching competition and TAKE IT TO EACH OTHER! HARD gut punches over and over until one man finds himself flexing his sweat covered muscles victorious. Will David slay Goliath in this big versus little match?