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Stevie vs Cason - Vegas Battles 134

$ 31.25

Cason is immediately annoyed with Stevie. He doesn't want to talk or flex he just wraps him up and starts to beat the sh*t out of him! He uses his massive quads to squeeze the air out of Stevie while covering his mouth trying to keep him from talking. Cason's frustration keeps building and Stevie tries to fight back. Cason is not going to take it easy on someone he doesn't like! He counters every move Stevie tries to make. Using bearhugs, schoolboy pins, sleeper holds, ab stretches, and gut punches Cason tries to shut Stevie's mouth! However, Does Stevie have a few tricks up his sleeve? He counters and uses his momentum to criticize Cason's physique. Stevie will not do what Cason wants and his anger keeps growing and growing. Stevie's attitude starts to get into Cason's head and Stevie takes control of the match. Using a low blow, Stevie works Cason over stretching him out and slapping him around. Cason gets fed up and uses his power to gain advantage. He lifts Stevie up over his shoulders before dropping him down into a brutal over the knee backbreaker! Did Stevie run his mouth too much? We do know one thing after this match....Cason IS NOT a fan of Stevie.