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Stevie vs Duke - Mat Wars 152

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Big vs Little - Duke is 200 lbs and Stevie is 150 lbs

Stevie isn't going to be disrespected and Duke needs to be taught a lesson he will never forget! Duke is ready as Stevie leaps through the air onto his back and throws him down sits on his chest flexing his biceps. Stevie claws his way to get on top of Duke and smacks him down in a schoolboy pin. Duke throws him off and uses a chest to chest bearhug squeezing the life out of his tiny victim. Duke forces Stevie to respect him by smashing him into the mat over and over! Stevie is stalked and beaten down like a toy as Duke chokes, stretches, and beats him without mercy. Stevie tries to fight back. Duke uses rear chokes, full nelsons, leg scissors, a NASTY ball claw, HARD gut punches (did you know Stevie was a former boxer?), and an intense camel clutch to destroy Stevie's will to live on the mat.

Then a SURPRISE TWIST, Stevie locks in a DEEP rear sleeper and Duke cannot fight off the sleep! Will he sleep or tap? You will have to watch the match to find out! 

Several moments later, Duke gets up angry and lifts Stevie up over his head. Throwing him and sending him flying across the room landing on the couch. Stevie is stunned for a moment. Duke takes advantage by climbing on him using a schoolboy pin and ball claw torture combo that is not to be missed! Duke continues his domination of Stevie throwing him around and displaying his power in a MASSIVE GORILLA PRESS!