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STL vs Big Sexy - Bodybuilder Battle 20

$ 31.25

Coming to us from the St. Louis, the gateway to the west, is a new rookie bodybuilder who calls himself: STL. He has many years of of high school, college, and military wrestling along with being an award winning bodybuilder and world-class physique and fitness male model, he is sure to draw attention wherever he goes. Big Sexy's challenge is to stop this big man from destroying anyone. from a newcomer, STL manages to put up quite a fight and shows him how they do it back home. Big Sexy ties up STL in a couple of arm bars followed by a pretty nasty banana split. After rolling around and grappling for a bit, Big Sexy finally gets a pin, but STL doesn't handle losing too well. He explodes in a fit of screaming rage. Luckily, STL regains his composure and the match finally continues, only now Big Sexy wants to see how pissed off STL gets so he decides to cheat and make STL got into a blind rage so he can win. His dirty trick was trying to choke STL out with the straps from his singlet. Big Sexy quickly finds out that it doesn't take much to awaken the demons inside STL when he launches into yet another rage and exacts his revenge by nearly choking Big Sexy until he passes out. Mr. Mike knew these two would get out of control so he sends in Angel to be a special guest referee and keep things sane, forgetting that Angel has a grudge against Big Sexy from his last match with Beur where Big Sexy was the ref and clearly made all the calls go Beur's way and not towards Angel in Rough & Ready 18 Watch this match for devastating bearhugs, choke lifts, body scissors, and gut punching and real college style wrestling!