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Tak Ashton bear hug pain muscles

Tak & Ashton vs Chase - Battlespace 77

$ 31.25

TAK brings his big cousin Ashton to Thunders Arena to see what he can do.Ashton is bigger than TAK, with some more muscle mass, and TAK is clearly proud of his cousin, eager to see what he can do on the mat. Cocky New Englander Chase comes along and the trash talk begins, with Chase showing off his muscles and challenging big cuz Ashton and little cuz TAK to a fight. Not surprisingly, the two cousins double team Chase from the start, with TAK sneaking up and pushing Chase to the mat. As Ashton holds Chases arms from behind, TAK stomps and punches Chase in the gut and chest, the two cousins encouraging each other as they work Chase over. But scrappy Chase fights back and as soon as he is back on his feet he takes TAK and Ashton down, one at a time, throwing each to the mat. As he is throwing TAK down for a second time, Ashton gets him down. But Chase is like a cornered street fighter and lashes out at his two opponents wildly. It works for a while, until Ashton manages a cross body and then TAK piles on, using their two on one advantage without any shame. They laugh at Chase, calling him a squirmer as he tries to break free from his two opponents. Chase is like a wild man and manages to get

on top on Ashton, sitting on his stomach and delivering repeated punches and forearm smashes to Ashtons chest. Chase brutalizes Ashton for almost a full minute and then flexes his amazing body over Ashton, who is almost out cold. When TAK comes in to help his big cousin to his feet, Chase tears into the little guy with a vengeance. Chase locks TAK in a body scissors that makes TAK scream in pain as Chase flexes and brags about his abs. After giving TAK a few elbow smashes, he releases the little guy from the scissors. After this beating by Chase, the two cousins huddle. Ashton is ready to walk away, but TAK pumps his big cuz up and gets him to return to the fight against the tough kid from New England. Ashton returns to the mat and puts Chase into a brutal belly to belly bear hug. TAK cheers his big cousin from the sidelines. After squeezing the life out of Chase, Ashton throws him to his little cousin so TAK can have some fun bear hugging the almost unconscious Chase. As TAK squeezes Chase, Ashton struts around the ring nodding approvingly as his little cousin continues the punishment of the once cocky Chase. When hes done toying with Chase, TAK throws him back to his big cuz, who puts Chase into a belly to back bear hug. To finish chase off, TAK hugs Ashton with Chase in between for a double bear hug. Chase immediately screams I give over and over.Proud of the beating they have given to Chase, the two cousins high five, flex, and give Chase some verbal abuse. While the two cousins are still celebrating, Chase drops them both with a forearm smash, then gives each an elbow smash. Then he stacks them face down, with TAK on top, and gives them both a simultaneous Boston crab. Enjoying his payback, he asks the two cousins how it feels and if they give up. Then he puts them both in a simultaneous camel clutch. Although they resist at first, the two cousins eventually give. Triumphant Chase puts his foot on top of the pile of his two beaten opponents and does some victory flexing with his magnificent body. Two for one he says, as he savors his victory over the two cousins. For fans of two on one, you wont find anything hotter than this.