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TAK Archer chair pecs chest submission submits double bicep flex arms

TAK vs Archer - Custom Video Series 23

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

TAK rouses Archer from his slumber, and challenges him to some flexing and posing comparisons. They decide to start with a Power Challenge, and locking fingers, TAK drives Archer to his knees, then into a headlock. Archer gets TAK in a bearhug and throws him to the mat.

A second Power Challenge with palms together and fingers interlocked, suddenly finds Archer on TAK's shoulder, painfully racked, then dumped to the mat. Archer brings TAK to the mat and into a choke hold, with TAK on top of Archer. Archer's hauled to his feet and put in a full nelson that lifts him off his feet. TAK applies a shoulder stretch on Archer, then tosses him to the mat.

Archer lifts TAK onto his shoulders for an airplane spin, and drops him to the mat in revenge. TAK is gutpunched against the wall, but then the places are reversed, and Archer ends up on TAK's shoulder, racked again.

After being thrown down, Archer goes to work on TAK's legs and lower back, sitting into the Crab for extra punishment.


They lock-up again, and TAK throws Archer to the mat, then into an arm bar.

Archer gets an arm bar on TAK and asks him if he wants to submit...A suddent reversal is the reply, with TAK working Archer's legs. Scrambling free, Archer brags TAK's ankles and mops the mat with him. Archer hauls TAK up into a full nelson with added stretch, and the guys continue their running trash talk, til Archer shuts TAK up with a big bear hug.

TAK is tossed to the mat like a sack of potatoes, and Archer grabs his ankle, plants a foot on his abs and proceeds to stretch him out, with an "Archer" move that has TAK's back really suffering.

In revenge, TAK grabs Archer by the throat, chokes him, lifting him off his feet and slamming him into the wall.

But Archer reverses this, choking TAK against the wall.

In another reversal, TAK chokes Archer against the column, til he's dropped. Archer wraps his legs around TAK's head and puts the hurt on his arm.Archer picks up TAK and bends him over his knee. TAK strains Archer's back and stretches out his shoulder, with a knee in the back. TAK gets Archer in a backbreaker and jabs his elbow in the abs. TAK flexes triumphantly over Archer, his foot planted in the abs.

Archer is slow to recover, and the two tussle til Archer manages to get on TAK's back with a full nelson. With his foot in TAK's back, he gets his revenge on those shoulders. Archer hauls TAK up and kicks him in the gut, lifts TAK and slams him into a backbreaker over his knee, then dumps TAK to the mat. Archer flexes over his victim, even sits in the chair while using TAK as his footstool.

But TAK isn't done- and they lock[-up again. TAK hoists Archer to his shoulder then slams him hard to the mat. With his knee in Archer's back, TAK works on his shoulders with an excruciating stretch. TAK plants a knee in Archer's abs, then transitions to a full nelson, with airplane spin as bonus. Archer is dumped to the mat, then right up onto TAK's shoulder again for another stunning slam to the mat.
See if Archer can overcome and who wins by buying the match.