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Tak Bear Submission hold submit pain torture

Tak vs Bear - Battlespace 63

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Newcomer Bear, a big, hairy, 240 pound musclebear gets on the mat with lean, handsome TAK. The match starts with TAK showing his usual cockiness, telling fans hes been up against a lot of big guys lately, but complaining They dont really challenge me. When big, beefy Bear steps onto the mat hes clearly looking forward to dominating the little guy. Im gonna show him how grizzly I am when I break his little ass in half. Im gonna sit on him, dominate him and make him my little bitch. And thats exactly what the big powerful beast does to pretty boy TAK. The physical and verbal abuse by Bear goes on for almost the entire match, with powerful bear hugs, body scissors, gut punches, school boy pins and back breakers. Bears verbal abuse is almost non-stop, at times whispering the insults into TAKs ear as he squeezes the life out of the little guy. He calls TAK Princess, My little cub and tells TAK to admit hes Bears Little baby back bitch. The humiliation by the big beefy bully is merciless, as he mockingly slaps TAKs smaller chest and spanks him like a child. Incredibly, TAK manages to get a submission out of the big guy after Bear punches the concrete wall when TAK moves out of the way during a series of gut punches. But this only makes Bear enraged and the payback is brutal. More crushing bearhug, an extended over the knee backbreaker and finally a press slam that leaves TAK reaching for the door ready to scream mercy, but be sure to see for yourself why it is so hot.