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Tak vs Brute - Ring Wars 02

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Thunder's Arena is proud to announce a new series... RING WARS!

This is the first of our ring match series that pits a pro wrestler against an amateur and it's made all that more brutal by the size difference. Brute stands at 6'2", weighing 265 pounds, while TAK is 5'10 and weighs more than a hundred pounds less at 156 pounds. Brute capitalizes on his massive size advantage and mocks the tiny TAK, saying that the vein in his arm is larger than TAK's leg. Always eager to get a big guy's face and no stranger to trash-talk, TAK agrees to a side-by-side comparison. The size difference is nearly laughable as TAK keeps jumping in front of Brute during the pose off. Finally TAK suggests that since Brute is so much bigger and stronger, that he should wrestle with one arm behind his back. Brute agrees and TAK makes his move. Despite his use of only one arm, Brute easily manhandles TAK and gets him a headlock and throws him to the canvas. TAK jumps up immediately but is still too easily manipulated even with only one hand and gets choked and pushed into a corner. Brute displays his raw power by throwing TAK over his shoulder, across the entire ring and onto the canvas again before placing a foot on TAK's chest and giving him a few stomps for good measure. "Want to see what I can do with two?" Brute asks, as he lifts TAK off the ground and delivers a crushing body slam. Brute continues his assault by picking TAK up again in a fireman's carry and slamming him to the canvas once again. Satisfied with his destruction of the little guy, Brute turns his back to TAK and walks away and that's when TAK springs into action. TAK attempts a full nelson, but Brute is just too big for TAK to get the hold on, so he abandons the thought and jumps up on Brute's back like a monkey, desperately flailing. He gives up and slingshots himself off the ropes on the far side of the ring, but is met with a foot squarely in his chest and he crumples to the canvas. Brute sticks his knee in TAK's back and cranks his neck, punishing the small guy who dares think he is a match for Brute's muscle and strength. When he releases TAK, the king of the trash-talkers spits a "Fuck you, you little bitch" at his punisher. Enraged, Brute throws Tak over his shoulder in an agonizing back breaker and parades around the ring with his prize before throwing him to the canvas again and stomping him. Brute doesn't ease up and throws his little rag doll opponent across the ring again and again. Brute flips TAK onto his back and TAK attempts to grab onto Brute's head, so the big man simply stands up and once again TAK finds himself off the ground and once again, he gets slammed to the canvas. TAK retreats to a corner, but Brute descends upon him and delivers several chops to his back and climbing up on the ropes for leverage, punishes his neck, fingers and face. Brute doesn't ease up and puts his broken foe into a rack, parades him around the ring, bouncing on occasion then sets TAK up on the top ropes and continues chopping at his back. TAK is then let hang from the top rope by his knees in a tree of woe, where Brute chokes and delivers some kicks to his abs. Beaten and broken, TAK serves as a doormat and Brute stands on him, mocking him to the camera, "get a shot of my boot print on his back". Brute camel clutches TAK and pulls him back to the center of the ring where TAK finally taps out, but that's not good enough for Brute who keeps coming. TAK gets back to his feet and attempts a slingshot, but Brute sees it coming and lands a foot to the center of TAK's chest. Brute is true to his name and goes on one more attack, lifting TAK onto hi shoulder for one last fireman's carry. TAK screams, "too high, too high!" and before he knows it, comes crashing back to the canvas one last time.