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TAK vs Dirty Daddy - Ring Wars 07

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

Today's Lesson: Squash Match 101.


Just looking at these two mismatched opponents should allow you to predict the outcome of this BIG vs Little confrontation...so the fun is watching just HOW Dirty Daddy demolishes prettyboy TAK. Ostensibly, TAK is in the ring to get a coaching from Daddy, but his cocky trash talk only irritates the hairy beast. Daddy assigns TAK some squats, and when his student balks at obeying orders, Daddy kicks TAK and puts him in a figure four leglock, cranking back his chin, until he nearly has a Boston Crab on the blonde kid, smothering him with his mighty forearms.

Daddy unleashes his full arsenal on TAK: inverted choke hold, shoulder stretch, forearm smash to the chest, until TAK seems ready to take orders and submit. When required to do pushups, TAK's efforts are unsatisfactory, and earn him a kick to the chest from his coach. Daddy drives a knee into TAK's back, pins his arms back, wrenches his spine, puts serious strain on his knees, shoulders and elbows to teach TAK a lesson in obedience.


TAK unwisely rebounds, only to be stopped short by a kick to the gut, and a flip onto this back. Daddy enjoys torturing TAK in a sadistic "rocking horse" that destroys the back and shoulders, then a stepover toehold. TAK's skull is crushed between Daddy's massive thighs, and as he writhes in pain, Daddy strips off his gym shoes and hurls them at him. A stomp to the groin has TAK groaning in agony, but that's music to Daddy's ears. A couple of kicks to the hamstrings and a piledriver/inverted bearhug variation have TAK reeling.


But you've gotta give the kid some credit- he digs deep and retaliates - with elbow smashes to Daddy's back, then wrapping his thighs around Daddys head, he punishes that bull neck. In a display of raw power, Daddy rises to standing with TAK on his shoulders, then suddenly drops him to his knees on the mat. Before TAK can recover, Daddy hauls him to his feet and hurls him into the ropes...But TAK delivers a knee to Daddy's head, which buys him time to apply a painful elbow lock. Of course Daddy escapes with a vicious slap to TAK's chest, then puts him over his shoulder, crushing his ribs, until TAK screams "I give!"


This could have been, SHOULD have been the end of the match...but Daddy's not done. He damages TAK's legs, making him flex and suffer in relentless agony. Stomps to the gut, hair-pulling, backbreakers, gutbashes, shoulder racks -Daddy systematically and sadistically destroys TAK. The guilty pleasures derived from watching HOW TAK suffers are more than worth it, though. Come on guys, admit it- you ENJOY a good Squash Match as much as any other- And this one's a classic!