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Tak eagle camel clutch submission hold submit chest pecs

Tak vs Eagle - Battlespace 87

$ 31.25

TAK is back!  After being gone for what feels like forever, TAK returns to Thunder’s Arena with a bang!  Having just “kicked the s*** out of somebody”, TAK is sweeping up the mats, ready for the next match.  Eagle walks in, wearing tight leopard-print trunks.  “Have you put on a little weight bro?  You look a little bigger than last time I saw you”  “Yeah, I been workin’ out” says TAK.  “What about you, you been workin’ out your face?  You’re lookin’ a little prettier than last time I was here” Eagle looks taken aback “My face has always been pretty man, just good genetics!” TAK responds “I’m gonna have to ruin some of that tonight” and it’s on!  TAK raises the broom to strike and Eagle flinches!  “Just kiddin’” says TAK, “I’ll beat you up with my own two hands”.  Wow.

TAK has this way of unnerving his opponents, lulling them into a false sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship with his conversation and disarming wit.  “We gonna wrestle?  Show me what you got big boy…” Eagle does just that, handily catching TAK in a rear bearhug, his body (and his great choice of trunks!) on full display.  The bigger bodybuilder pushes TAK down and twists him into an abdominal stretch, flexing his biceps and slapping his trapped opponent’s abs for good measure!  “See, when you got abs of steel like me, even that move doesn’t affect me”  “Oh yeah?” says TAK.  “We’ll have to see about that, try some gut punches later!”  TAK drives Eagle into the wall, where he unloads on the model’s ‘steel’ abs – “and by later, I mean RIGHT NOW!”  Powering out, Eagle whirls around and snatches TAK up in a torture rack, doing squats before dumping the smaller wrestler on the ground!  Pulling him to the centre of the mat, Eagle stomps on TAK’s leg, before wrenching him back in an ankle lock that has the fan favourite flopping about like a fish out of water!

A bearhug attempt is countered by the smaller TAK clambering up the muscled torso of Eagle, over his head and back down between his legs.  Doesn’t work though and TAK soon finds himself thrown across the widescreen back of Eagle!  TAK is being manhandled!  A choke ram into the wall has TAK desperately trying to escape, to no avail – Eagle is calling the shots!  A massive choke slam has Eagle tasting victory.  “What does TAK mean anyway?”  “The All-American Kid” “Oh, so this is the All-American Kid against the All-American MAN!”  The trash talk keeps on coming, with neither willing to cede any psychological advantage over the other.  Scooping Eagle up, TAK drops him hard over his knee in a backbreaker, but he knows he won’t get a submission that way.  Pulling him back in a chinlock, TAK displays a brutality we’ve not seen often before.  He lets Eagle fall forward, before literally rubbing his face into the mat!  This is just humiliating for the bigger Eagle!  Inflicting further damage to that back, TAK applies a vicious surfboard, then a seated version, eliciting screams from a weakened Eagle.  A full nelson has Eagle’s magnificent body on display, but TAK is in a surfin’ mood!  Another surfboard, this time a standing variant, and Eagle’s shoulders are in agony!  Capitalising on this, TAK swings up and catches Eagle in a crucifix move, his full weight pulling the wrong way on Eagle’s already damaged shoulders.  This is just malicious, TAK enjoying every second of the beating he is inflicting on his opponent.  His instinct fighting through the pain, Eagle manages to throw TAK off and catches him with a barge to the midsection.  TAK crumples to the floor.

Eagle seizes the inspiration here and captures TAK in a beautiful, picture perfect and perfectly executed tear-drop submission hold.  It is a sight to behold, TAK being swung in the hold, his face contorted by the agony he’s having to endure.  Endure he does though, so Eagle drops him to the mat and grabs his legs in a Boston Crab!  It’s not enough though, and the mutual mauling continues!

An injury has one wrestler begging for mercy, which is categorically denied.  Cheap shots, body scissors, a brutal ab-bashing onslaught, a beautiful standing head scissors and a final back-stretching submission lead to an ending that one wrestler won’t soon forget…